Thursday, September 7, 2017

How to Reduce Workout Soreness?

Soreness when going to the gym is expected. Without a little pain there will not be much gain. However, there is a level of soreness where one should back off from their exercise to ensure they don't cause themselves long-term injury. That level can be hard to define but it is wise to switch up you routine and give sore muscles enough time to recover when it borders on pain.

The other day I was sprinting and then went back into horse riding on the same day. For two days afterward  I was barely able to move. Because I was using my muscles in a new way I needed to ease into the exercise instead of moving too rigorously.

Assessing my situation, I switched up my workout with additional yoga and light cardio on my legs the next day. It allowed my body to keep the blood moving and remove all the toxins created from the micro-traumas developed during intensive exercise.

1. Work out sore body parts lightly to get the blood moving.
2. Drink lots of water to flush the system.
3. Wait a few days until you recover and then complete the exercise again to condition.
4. Know your limits and push yourself to a level with enough exercise to endure moderate soreness.
5. Sleep and rest as much as possible.

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