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The North Korean Problem-Counting Down to Launch!

Nuclear weapons speak words louder than th ear can bear. North Korea's supreme leader Kim Jong has been threatening for years to use such missiles on the U.S. and has even posted a video on what it would be like to drop one. Highly provocative and threatening behavior will likely be followed up by real violence in the future and the U.S. is right to act in this case.  In today's world there is no good reason to have such missiles unless one is reaching for power. They serve no appropriate function and no longer act as much as a deterrent. Nations who want to develop them in the modern world want to threaten others. The superpowers of the world made a mistake when allowing other countries to have these missiles and should clamp down quickly on any nation that seeks to develop or grow their arsenal now. Despite their despicable nature the technology is no longer so advanced in the world of supercomputers that many closed and impoverished nations like North Korea will soon b

Globalization Comes with New Organizational Cultures

Organizational culture adapts to the difficult but necessary transformation to a global economy. The process of changing the rooted domestic culture is difficult when time tested processes are embedded with deep beliefs of ones identity. Organizations change based on necessity but workers are often dragged behind these changes. Globalization has an impact on the culture of all organizations that play in that arena. Change often occurs because previous work patterns become ineffective and new processes are created to meet those challenges. As processes change, the way people think changes and new cultures are formed (Rizescu &Tileague, 2017). Developing a global culture within an organization means the organization is exposed to global pressures and traversing through growing pains to meet those new challenges. New mentalities, new ideas, and different perspectives must arise to ensure the company can compete in a bigger "ball park".  Naturally, there will be th

Does Green Tea Actually Help You Loose Weight

People who spend a significant amount of time in the gym are looking for things that can help them out. The supplement industry is huge with companies peddling all types of poorly designed and ineffective products. As consumers we buy these products without knowing whether or not they actually do what they claim. The essential question in this article is whether or not Green Tea actually helps you lose weight? According to an analysis in the British Journal of Nutrition green tea does have a supporting role in weight loss but it is unsure about how much impact it actually has (Thavanesan, 2011). In essence, this means that there was some differences in weight-loss between the study and control group but the results were not huge. There could be some potential problems as they are related to compounding variable and other factors. Should you buy or not buy? It doesn't appear to hurt to purchase a green tea extract. It doesn't mean that you will have significant weight

Online Marketing and Retention Strategies

Online marketing can be difficult for businesses and knowing which strategies to use can be helpful in making an online presence. Ensuring you have the right strategies can make a big difference in your online success. There are marketing approaches that reach potential customers and there are strategies that retain them to the company. Employing both attracts and keeps customers for the highest potential sales volume. Potential online marketing strategies (Kung & Zhang, 2011): Segmentation-Select customers Advertising Networks-Specialized marketing locations Email Marketing-Using email to contact customers Internet Marketing-Using online advertisements Affiliate Marketing-Paying for referrals Viral Marketing-Referrals, reposts, and reviews Blog Marketing-Posting content on specific blogs Social Network Marketing-Group and friend based purchases Search Engine Networking-Top search ranking strategies Customer Retention Strategies: Website Functionality-Ea

Kailua Kona Global Conference on Business and Finance

You are cordially invited to the Kailua Kona Global Conference on Business and Finance (GCBF).The conference will be held from January 2-5, 2018 (onsite paper presentation dates January 3-5, 2017) at our new destination, the Courtyard King Kamehameha's Kona Beach Hotel, Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. Kailua-Kona is an exciting destination with much to offer. The island has several award-winning beaches. The Kilauea volcano is a day trip from the hotel. Kilauea is an active volcano offering spectacular sights. Whale watching tours, fishing charters and scuba diving tours are readily available. The conference occurs mid whale watching season. The island has spectacular waterfalls and numerous golf courses. There are many dining, shopping and nightlife opportunities in the Kailua-Kona area. DETAILED CALL FOR PAPERS: A detailed call for papers is available at: SUBMISSION FOR PRESENTATION: Submission for Presentation Consideration: On or before November 6, 2017 Submit

The International Business Education Social Sciences Tourism Technology Conference in Las Vegas

The International Business Education Social Sciences Tourism Technology Conference in Las Vegas 12th to 14th April 2018 Las Vegas, USA Registration fee start 290 USD Submit Full Paper/Poster/Abstract Before:  November 30, 2017 (Miss a deadline Contact us on email) Please join us for the ICBTS 2018 International Conference on Business, Education, Social Sciences, Humanities, Tourism, Transport and Technology in Las Vegas. The aim of the conference is to provide an opportunity for researchers to present their ideas, proposals, or completed research in all areas of research to an international audience. Since 15 to 20 different countries are typically represented, Blind peer reviews are available upon. The papers will be published ISBN copy Proceedings on flash drive and the same will be provided at the time of the conference. We will be returning to Las Vegas located within the Circus Circus Hotel Las Vegas. In addition to the conference 2018 will be held at London, Vienna, Amsterdam, Z

Protecting Nature for Future Generations of Sporting Enthusiasts

Nature is one of those resources that is difficult to regenerate without serious management by government and local stakeholders. The power of the dollar seems to push people and government to continually encroach on nature in an effort to make more money. As we look across the landscape we often find that more cement is going up and more trees are coming down. For sporting enthusiasts there are a number of great benefits for keeping nature an important part of our land management. 1.) Nature provides a place to hike, fish, hunt, snowshoe, run, and hunt. Without he natural outdoors most of these activities will go away. There won't be enough land or habitat to ensure that people can use them appropriately. 2.) People enjoy the outdoors for its mental health benefits that include relaxation and contemplation. Activities like walking and yoga can be conducted in the natural outdoors but will become more difficult without support of a serene environment. I spend a significant

The Multi-Fold Opportunities to Discover Gifted Genius

Giftedness and genius is a mark of significant human development that scientists continually seek to understand to help this population grow. While we believe that gifted people are completely genetic in their orientation their manifestation of skill is based in multiplicative factors that allow some to shine through and others to never manifest their skills at all!  According to a study in the Journal of Education of the Gifted, " the extent that a specific gift operates according to emergenic inheritance and epigenetic development, the complications are already far more prodigious than implied by most dictionary definitions. (Simonton, 2005, pg. 284)" While people may be born with gifted traits ,many won't perform at their fullest potential. They are restrained by their upbringing, personalities, social environment and opportunities. The complexity involved in the fruition of skill is multi-fold and can't be determined by intelligence alone. Let us assum

Adjusting Weightlifting for Greater Fat Loss and Strength Building

Fitness can have two ultimate outcomes in terms of physical changes beyond obvious health benefits; gain muscles or lose fat.  When you first start working out both seem to occur simultaneously until you reach a point of fitness where additional fine tuning is necessary to continue to reach your goals. This is called the plateau and breaking that plateau requires messing up your routine. The body adjusts and the last 5-6 lbs of fat can be the most difficult to lose as it is thoroughly embedded around your stomach. Muscle building requires extra calories and while you may be getting bulkier you will also find that some fat is sneaking in. Let us say that you work out 2 hours a day and you want to lose more fat but not necessarily lose any muscle. Your normal routine is 1.5 hours weightlifting and .5 hours cardio. It could be beneficial to switch the ration to .45 hours weightlifting and 1.15 hours cardio. You can cater your fitness program to your needs such as 1 hour light, hig

23rd LAS VEGAS International Academic Conference on Business, Economics, Finance and Accounting

23rd LAS VEGAS International Academic Conference on Business, Economics, Finance and Accounting ORGANIZED by: International Association of Applied Business Research - IAABR Jointly with Academic Organization for Advancement of Strategic and International Studies – Academic OASIS  DATES:  NOVEMBER 5TH – 7TH, 2017 PLACE: LAS VEGAS, USA The Stratosphere Casino, Hotel & Tower 2000 Las Vegas Boulevard South Las Vegas, NV USA The Stratosphere Casino, Hotel & Tower is one of the world's most recognizable icons, located on the Las Vegas Strip. Soaring 1,149 feet tall, our one-of-a-kind Tower defines the Vegas skyline, offering unparalleled, panoramic views of Las Vegas. The Stratosphere is a five-time award winner in the prestigious Las Vegas Review-Journal 2014 Best of Las Vegas Readers Poll, earning these top honors: - Best Place to View the City - Stratosphere Tower - Best Lounge – Level 107 Lounge - Best Fine Dining Restaurant – Top of the World - Best Restaurant with a View –

The Social Animal by David Brooks

Great book within insight into how our subconscious pushes people throughout their lives to create patterns of living. We are partly created by our social brains and follows two people, Harold and Erica, from infancy to old age. As they develop you can see these personalities and themes create different paths that manifest through their core needs, actions, and values. What you should learn from the book are multiple: -Our Brains are Made from Our Social Environment. We are creatures and products of how people around us act and think. The very formation of our lives is based in many ways on our parents and our first interactions with them. -Rationalism and IQ are important but so is the process of experiencing oneself and listening to our inner voice. Those themes that come back into our lives can be discovered and enhanced for greater goal achievement. -People are not always aware of why they act the way they do. They feel upset or happy but sometimes have a difficult time k

Horse Riding and Refinement of Movement

If you ride the same horse long enough you will learn that there is a "bond" that develops between the horse and the rider. A small squeeze of the leg, how a person sits in the saddle, and a slight finger pull on the reigns will tell the horse to do something. As you learn this refinement you can apply them to other sports and to your life. Consider something like the sport of fencing. A flick of the wrist makes a big difference when using a foil to block an opponents forward attack. It is subtle, fast and barely noticeable by non-seasoned fencers. Horse-riding  can show you that even the smallest movement can make a big difference. As you are riding your horse around barrels or completing circle-in and circle-out exercises you will begin to understand how a pull to the outside of the reign and a squeeze of the inward leg pushes the horses head outward and his/her hind quarters outward as well. This is a different movement from simply pulling on the reigns because

Maintaining International Competitiveness Through Global Business Curriculum

Colleges have a responsibility to prepare students to think globally and learn how to manage in an international environment. The trend toward internationalism will not abate and as supply chain integration and international treaties increases the need for competitive managers in the U.S.. Our local economies will be part of the global marketplace and cannot escape it and therefore must master the skills needed to maintain competitive companies. If American schools do not produce enough managers that can think on a global scale and understand complex business systems at play across multiple continents these positions are likely to go to foreigners. While this may be unavoidable, and even desirable in many cases, we should not be forced out of necessity willingly hand over our competitive edge. Higher education has a responsibility to ensure that we produce globally aware graduates that understand modern business practices at micro and macro levels. Business colleges s

Is Sitting a Death Sentence?

Are you sitting too much? Modern life offers lots of opportunities to sit. We may be doing so much sitting that even exercise might not be able to help us as we thought it would. According to a study in the Annals of Internal Medicine sitting may actually be killing us. The study includes 8,000 Americans over than  45 years-old. Over the course of a 16 hour day, sitting made up an average of 12.3 hours. We are spending an average of 77% of our time sitting. The findings indicate that those who sit for spells longer than a half hour have an increased risk of early death and were in worse shape. There is something going on in the body where prolonged sitting is causing body deterioration. Their solution...get up every half hour. Keep the body moving and get up every once in a while to get a drink of water, stand, or move your feet. The blood should be moving throughout your body. Exercise can go a long way in reducing heart disease and countering the effects of a sedentary li

Export Patterns in the Creative Destruction Process

Some companies are more likely to go global and make their way into a larger world of economic activity. An article in The Journal of International Trade & Economic Development Journal seeks to help us understand what the global landscape looks like (Hansen, et. al. 2015). From the study we find that there are a number of factors that help identify export environments: Market Equilibrium: To gain financial foot hold and be an established company often requires three product innovations. Once these are gained and finances meet production needs a company can consider moving to supplying the needs of the global economy. Labor Equilibrium: When there is sufficient skill available in the market to build new products and feed production. Highly developed industries need an educated and skilled labor force that fill open positions and compete on a global scale. Big and Little Innovators: Some companies will invest heavily into product innovations that lead to global ex

Raise Your Heart Beat to Its Ideal Fat Burning Range

Increasing your heart rate is the fastest way to lose weight and reach optimal health. The ideal range is 60 to 70% of your maximum heart beat. If you can stay within that range you are most likely to lose weight and maximize your cardiovascular benefits. You can figure out your optimal fat burning zone by the following formula (Max Heart Rate = 220 – your age) X (.60 for lowest range and .70 x for highest range). Lets take mine for example: 220-43=177 is my maximum heart beat. 177 X.60=106 is my lowest fat burning range. 177 X .70=124 is my high fat burning range. Thus my goal is to be between 106-124 heart beat range to burn as many fat calories as I can. When I work out I can seek to maintain this level. If you measure your heart beat regularly you can get a feel for how much effort you need to put it. It can be difficult to get up to this level if you are not used to it. Sometimes it can be difficult to get that at the gym so you may need to add swimming, jogging, box

5 Ways to Stay Consistent in your Fitness Routine

People often fail at fitness because they are not consistent. This doesn't mean you should not control you eating, carbohydrates and sugars. These are half the battle. Failing to show up to the gym is the other half. One must develop the motivation and discipline to make it to the gym each day and continue to work on their goals even when they don't feel like it. . Life, work and family might get in the way and when the excuses start to rise is when people begin to give up. There is a slogan, "Be stronger than your excuses." When you don't feel like going just make yourself go and get it done. -Make a regular time to enter the gym and keep it no matter what. -Spend exactly the same amount of time in the gym every day. You may stay longer but never less than the minimum needed to achieve your goals. -Think about your goals every morning and how to achieve them. -Join a class and attend that class to maintain consistency. -Socialize with others and bui

What Organizations Can Learn About Shared Leadership from the Military?

No leader can be all to everyone and within every situation. There are lots of people who can lead in one situation and fail in another. We are complex human beings and often need to rely on others in order to manage teams under serious threat or stress effectively. A study in the Journal of Leadership & Organizational Studies helps us understand Military teams and how the concept of shared leadership can work in the military and within other types of organizations (Ramthun & Matkin, 2014). Let us consider what a stressful situation is and what it is not. From a military context it means being under serious risk or physical or psychological injury. The pressures are great and one must make decisions on the fly that could have serious consequences for themselves and their team. It is not normal frustrations of life as the circumstances are often beyond fathom of the average person. While the threat of physical harm isn't normal in most workplaces there can be serious p

Supporting Kids at Bay Cliff Health Camp

Last night I had the pleasure of receiving an invitation and attending the 9th Annual Benoit Bash for Bay Cliff which supports Bay Cliff Health Camp for child's therapy. We know that children are important and come with lots of difficulties. They sometimes need help and we should support them when we can. Bay Cliff...... a place apart…where children and adults with physical disabilities learn to believe in themselves, strive for fuller lives, and realize their dreams. We also are a place that offers a warm, friendly environment and excellent facilities for guest programs promoting health, wellness, education and youth development. The event hosted drawings, games, and a band. People socialized around a bonfire and engage in lively community activities. It was a cool night, but despite this, people showed up in droves to rally around their cause.  If you want to donate to Bay Cliff Health Camp  then please visit their website at

Robert Mondavi's Private Collection Cabernet Sauvignon

Robert Mondavi Private Selection Cabernet Sauvignon California 2015 If your looking for a smooth wine that is light on the palate and still hardy enough to take the chill out of a cold northern air. Retails around $14 per bottle. Smell is of red berry and spice. High berry flavor. Taste is of cherry, vanilla, and blueberry. It is a heavier wine but it is smooth and warm. Doesn't have a lot of aftertaste which makes it great for sipping. Likely pairs with heavier dishes with lots of fat content. This is more of a winter type wine because of its heaviness. Something you might want to drink in the fall, after bird hunting, or sitting on your porch when the leaves turn color. As the wine is grown in California its get both sun and fog which sweetens it.

How to Complete Gym Sprints? A fast way to fitness!

Gym sprints are tough and you are likely going to feel it for a few days. You need nothing but a good pair of shoes and some open space. It doesn't even need to be in a gym if you can't find one. Sprints will start to transform your body quickly as your heart races, you begin to sweat, and your muscles dust to the short burst of energy. It can be argued that sprints are ideal for heart health and muscle growth. Because our heart rate jumps quickly we are forced to adjust and put ourselves within the "target" zone. As it declines it has an opportunity to jump again forcing increases and declines that are helpful to our cardiovascular system. While improving your heart health is beneficial you may also find that your muscles will grow because you are engaging shorter fibers. Runners are often thin but sprinters are more likely to be muscled because their body is forced to accept quick spurts of extra effort to keep itself moving at breakneck speed. As a general

Successful Communication Strategies to Help Employees Through Change

What managers say and the connection they have with their employees leads to productivity and change. According to an article in the Business and Professional Communication Quarterly it is necessary for managers to have a solid communication strategy with employees to help them shift through uncertainty (DuFrene & Lehman, 2014). This means open and honest communication. The paper provides a few suggestions. -Commit to communicate. -Be direct. -Validate fears instead of masking the facts. -Share factual information about losses, downturns, and bad press. -Communicate throughout the change process. -Make communications personal and personable. -Ask for ideas. -Suggest strategies. -Talk about something other than the problems. -Maintain a positive attitude. Like you, the employee has many unanswered questions about the company, their job, and their future. When information is open and the communication is honest the employees will trust what the manager is say

6th Asia Pacific Conference on Advanced Research (APCAR - 2018)

6th Asia Pacific Conference on Advanced Research (APCAR - 2018) 2nd, 3rd and 4th of March 2018 in Melbourne, Australia Venue: Rydges on Swanston, Melbourne, Australia. Theme: "Meeting the Challenge". ISBN: 978-0-6481172-1-6 APIAR Scholarships: APIAR is delighted to announce a competition for excellent academic papers. Entries will be judged on the quality of the paper, including the presentation. Only full paper registered presenters in the conference are qualified to apply. APIAR is delighted to announce that registration fee will be waived for the four best paper winners to participate in the very next conference. The prize is non-negotiable and no monetary alternative will be available. 6th Asia Pacific Conference on Advanced Research (APCAR) will be held on 2nd,3rd & 4th of March 2018 in Melbourne, Australia. The main theme of this conference is 'Meeting the Challenge'. Accordingly, the conference will cover Business, Social Sciences, Educatio

How to Reduce Workout Soreness?

Soreness when going to the gym is expected. Without a little pain there will not be much gain. However, there is a level of soreness where one should back off from their exercise to ensure they don't cause themselves long-term injury. That level can be hard to define but it is wise to switch up you routine and give sore muscles enough time to recover when it borders on pain. The other day I was sprinting and then went back into horse riding on the same day. For two days afterward  I was barely able to move. Because I was using my muscles in a new way I needed to ease into the exercise instead of moving too rigorously. Assessing my situation, I switched up my workout with additional yoga and light cardio on my legs the next day. It allowed my body to keep the blood moving and remove all the toxins created from the micro-traumas developed during intensive exercise. 1. Work out sore body parts lightly to get the blood moving. 2. Drink lots of water to flush the system. 3. Wa

The Right Pricing Strategy for Offline Retailers Moving to Online Marketspaces

Businesses are moving to online retailing but often find that their local strategies don't work as well as they once did. The online world is so much more competitive than brick-n-mortar companies. According to research in the Journal of Business and Retail Management Research the low price strategy seems to work the best for most retailers moving into the online world (Kimpel & Friedrich, 2015). There are a number of major major strategies used by German companies: Everyday Low Price: Maintains low prices and avoids variations. High-Low Strategy: Offer products at a higher price then the competition but offer very low prices on select products. Value Differentiation: Competing on value based on services and additional additives customers may find important. Regional Strategies: Changing prices based on the earning power and differences in regions. The study found that the two main strategies that are successful are everyday low price strategy or regional strate

Journal of Agriculture and Crops

You are cordially invited to submit manuscripts to the coming issues of the journal (Business, Management and Economics Research). The journal is fully open access, peer reviewed, published every month and accepts papers globally. You may see journal's website here. Submissions are made by email to the editor at or and online submission. Manuscripts are reviewed and published on time. Hard copies are also published. We would appreciate it if you could share this information with your colleagues and associates. Regards, Academic Research Publishing Group Website: Email:

Horse Riding Teaches Us Guide vs. Control Life and Work

Horse-riding isn't about control. As a matter of practice, the more you try and control the more difficult it becomes to ride safely and effectively. As you stiffen your body and try and over adjust to the horses's movements you are unlikely to achieve the same performance as if you were to sit back and guide. a beginner's mistake. There are some parallels to management and life. We must allow people in our lives to make their own decisions and then guide them when they start to move off of track. For example, when trying to follow a line to a point in the distance with a horse sometimes it will move off of that line and it is necessary to use your outward leg, create a barrier with the outside rein, and slightly pull with the inner rein to put it back on track. You only need to do this for a second and the horse will move back on track. People are very similar. If you are a manager and want people to perform at their best then let your employees know wha

How to Protect Our Environment with Simple Actions

Protecting nature is an important part of ensuring our environment continues on for generations and generations. Pollution is growing and an increasing number of scientists are starting to argue that global warming is much more than natural cycles. While we may not have control over the big polluters but we can still protect our local natural environments and teach others about the importance of habitat health. These are a few things you can do to help our environment. 1. Pick up Trash 2. Report people who pollute or abuse the environment. 3. Enjoy the state parks to make them viable. 4. Support local hunting, outdoor, and habitat protection groups. 5. Teach people about the importance of the environment. 6. Get involved in activities that utilize the outdoors. 7. Support politicians that protect nature. 8. Buy sustainable products. You can also support your beliefs and cause with a Nature Lovers T-Shirt. Purchase Here

Picking the Right Running Shoe

If you love to run you should invest in the proper pair of shoes. Those who hit the road need the right kind of shoes. Sometimes it can be difficult to find a shoe that serves your needs. You can pay anything from $20 to $200 for a shoe. Yet it isn't the price that counts as much as the quality and use. If you are looking for a good shoe then consider a few aspects before you purchase. 1.) Soft and comfortable soles. I prefer shoes with memory phone and a very soft sole. I have noticed that when jogs are an hour the constant impact is less and my feet feel better when they are designed properly. 2.) Ability to be snug. When running shoes should not slip or feel loose. There should be a snugness that allows the shoe to hug the feet and fell like an extension of the body. 3.) Durability. Because you will be running with these shoes regularly they should be constructed of solid materials, strong stitch, real leather, and quality. 4.) Light weight. Unless you are running in t

Socializing with Family and Friends to Recharge from the Battle of Life

Lake Michigan-Stonington Balancing out your life with friends and family helps to reduce stress, improve your social connections, and put you in contact with a wider world. We Americans have a problem with focusing on our careers  to the point that it damages our social networks and leaves us isolated. As we bounce around in a fast paced world, many of those generational interactions start to dissipate and we find without support. We don't have to do this if we balance our need for friend and family with our need to succeed. Success is not something that occurs in isolation. According to the book Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell those who are most likely to succeed don't live in isolation but spend a great proportion of their time in practice as well within a supportive network. The process of achieving requires having a brain and body in balance and this rests heavily on the quality of friends and family. Good relationships will recharge you from the battle of life while

The Stress of Innovation and the Need for Educational Change According to Schumpeter

People must continually update their skills or a large percentage of society will find themselves unemployed. Schumpeter believed that as innovation increase people's lives would be impacted by creating stresses that test our skills and abilities. Some will move to higher standards of living and some will lose their jobs and opportunities. He called these unpleasant actions vicissitudes as they inherently disrupted society and create chaos that eventually leads to a better life but can be a painful transition experience. Sometimes people will be alienated and pushed to the side while at other times they will move to the center and be more connected.  Those who do not have the necessary skills to compete will feel angry and upset as their income and opportunities dwindle. They will begin to question the legitimacy of some institutions and demand change. Schumpeter believed that government should encourage entrepreneurial activity to enhance their economies and arrest decline.