Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Managing Your Time by Breaking Up Your Day into Sections

Those who work on their goals each day are most likely to accomplish them over time. Because we have a lot of stuff going on in our professional lives with work and personal activities it is necessary to break out and categorize our days to keep them simple in our mind. While these categories are just constructs they can help us keep things organizations and let us know where our attention is best focused.

I like to break my day into 4 parts:

  • 1. Early Morning: Get ready for work and go to the gym. 
  • 2. Day Time: Focus on my professional career. 
  • 3. Early Evening: Catch-up, dinner, household chores, etc...
  • 4. Late Evening: Extracurricular activities.
Alternatively, people may consider breaking their day into three parts. For example a student could break up their day into the following:

  • 1. Early Morning: Review coursework, gym, prepare for the day. 
  • 2. Daylight Hours: Attend classes, run errands, study.
  • 3. Late Evening: Extracurricular activities.

Each day has its own general time frame with activities that need to be accomplished so you can gain traction on your goals. Your focus is on prioritizing your activities in each of these sections to those that are most important. When the time comes to move into the next section your focus changes and you prioritize again. It will help you maintain your focus and energy throughout the day without getting lost in the thousands of little things we have to accomplish.

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