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Reaching Milestones In Swimming and Fitness

Swimming is one of the best fitness routines you can engage in. You burn 600-1000 calories in an hour and use your muscles as resistance training while improving your cardiovascular system. This is one of the reasons why people often feel tired after swimming laps in a pool. Reaching personal milestones while swimming is something of an "upper" in life as I notice the challenge becoming easier and easier forcing me to adjust my routines. Fitness milestone achieved. Six months ago swimming at a moderate pace was relatively easy but swimming at a sprinter's pace required heavy oxygen and effort. By the time I got down the length of the pool and back I was out of breath. Now that is no longer the case. I sprint with all my might from one side to the next and don't feel much on the other side. Because the obtainment of enough oxygen and heart rate continues to stay under optimal fat burning levels I have to adjust the swimming exercise to continue to get a benefit

2017 Workplace Strategies Conference

Coaching, counseling and getting employees to improve their motivation can be difficult. Solid HR practices can help in many ways. You may want to attend one of your San Diego SHRM Workplace Strategies Conference...... ... Join San Diego SHRM on September 27 as we present the 2017 Workplace Strategies Conference at the  University of San Diego Joan B. Kroc Institute for Peace and Justice! Whether you're a season veteran or just starting out, there is something for you at this conference. Choose from 15 different breakout sessions on a wide variety of topics, including: Millennials, Coaching, Leadership and Effective Communication.  For a full listing of breakout sessions, please see below! Rates increase after August 31st!  Wednesday, September 27, 2017 University of San Diego Joan B. Kroc Institute for Peace and Justice 5998 Alcala Park, San Diego, CA 92110 7:30 a.m.-4:10 p.m. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER Breakout Sessions:  Simple Reward Practices for the Millennial

Managing Your Time by Breaking Up Your Day into Sections

Those who work on their goals each day are most likely to accomplish them over time. Because we have a lot of stuff going on in our professional lives with work and personal activities it is necessary to break out and categorize our days to keep them simple in our mind. While these categories are just constructs they can help us keep things organizations and let us know where our attention is best focused. I like to break my day into 4 parts: 1. Early Morning: Get ready for work and go to the gym.  2. Day Time: Focus on my professional career.  3. Early Evening: Catch-up, dinner, household chores, etc... 4. Late Evening: Extracurricular activities. Alternatively, people may consider breaking their day into three parts. For example a student could break up their day into the following: 1. Early Morning: Review coursework, gym, prepare for the day.  2. Daylight Hours: Attend classes, run errands, study. 3. Late Evening: Extracurricular activities. Each day has its o

Developing Inner Confidence for Performance

Inner confidence, the power that comes from within, develops from years of self-reflection and personal growth. Partly a product we create ourselves and partly something given to use from our social environment we are able to formulate a sense of self that shows in our personal characteristics and demeanor. Those who have inner self-confidence feel they can handle most of the challenges of life and continue to move forward when many others give up. There is a difference between arrogance and confidence. Arrogant people are partially delusional in their sense of self. They have so buried their faults that they no longer can see them. As a weakness, they do not do well taking in information or learning from their mistakes. In many cases, they leave organizations and people worse off then when they meet them. Confident people have a deep intuitive sense of themselves that they have gained throughout their lives. They know their strengths and their weaknesses and can draw on their skil

Playing it "Cool" and Being Patient Leads to Greater Decision Making

Patience is a virtual that leads to wisdom. Some people act and react to any little provocation or stimulus. Others have learned to relax, take in the situation, and then formulate a response that has the greatest chances of success. It doesn't matter if we are discussing business, friendship or conflicts. Stopping for a moment and thinking might make a big difference in how things turn out in the long run. Our first reptilian brain responds to a challenge using emotion and energy. While it many times can be intuitively correct it doesn't always lead to the best possible choice. When under pressure we sometimes anchor onto a specific piece of information and then interpret all other things in relationship to that negative piece of information. Our perception becomes skewed and narrow. When we have the chance to sit back and relax we can get a better perspective of the problem. We can see the wider context of the information, avoid anchoring on negative information and eva

Workouts Without A Gym

Sometimes you may find yourself without a gym and you are forced to take time off from your normal workout routine. Where some people find an excuse to give up others might find an opportunity to adjust their workout to do something new that keeps them motivated. Not having access to a gym doesn't mean you can't engage in fitness. I live part of the time in a small logging town in the northern part of Michigan. Sundays are the day that almost nothing is open. The gym is closed and you are on your own. There are other times where you may be staying at a backwoods cottage without any access to a fitness center. And yet for others, traveling and staying in hotels is an issue. Your body has its own gym built into it. You can complete cardio, weights and flexibility training without necessary picking up a single weight or jumping on an elliptical machine. Here are a few ideas that may help you when you don't have an opportunity to go to the gym: 1. Cardio: Jogging, walkin

Setting Your Goals and Not Allowing Anything Get in the Way

Goals can become a definition of your life. You set daily goals, month, goals, goals for a couple of years and sometimes for a lifetime. Each goal is a milestone where you have achieved at least one thing you felt was important. The goals you create say something about  who you are and what you value in life. When you are old and grey it will those goals that are the legacy of your life. Make sure you set important goals and don't let anything get in the way. Those who set goals are more successful than those who don't. You wouldn't believe it if I told you but there are a huge percentage of people out there who have no goals. They have nothing to work toward and really don't want to accomplish much in their lives. Certainly they have some interests they want to achieve but don't have the direction in their lives so they can accomplish them. Don't be directionless. Your goals should become your focus.  As you wake up each morning and set upon your daily acti

Want and Belief Make Better Military Leaders

Leadership is the ultimate group management technique that attracts followers and provides direction to achieve communal goals. Groups without leaders are like mobs that have little purpose other than to simply co-exist and chaotically chase random interests. In the military, leadership is a necessary driver of group performance toward defense objectives. Poor leadership means poor military performance and significant risks to safety and security as appropriate personnel direction is not maximized. Knowing who has the capacity for leadership and who doesn't, can save the military substantial selection and training costs. Because of the high stakes of selecting proper leaders significant research into personality and its influence on leadership skills has been conducted. It makes sense, in this case, to reduce risks, and avoid those who may not have the intellectual, emotional, or ethical ability to take on leadership positions. To separate of the wheat from the chaff is not a

The Questions that Dissertations Answer-Discrimination and Hate

Some of the most ground breaking research conducted is through doctoral studies where students have open questions about life and are seeking answers. Recently, I received an invitation by a journal based in Germany that reviewed my study and offered me the opportunity to publish additional work in their journal. One study often can change perception but is only the beginning for a quest for greater clarity on different facets of its findings. Certainly I was flattered that someone ready my study on PERCEPTIONS OF IRAQI IMMIGRANT EMPLOYMENT DISCRIMINATION IN THE METRO DETROIT AREA. I would never consider it "ground breaking" research although I have not seen anyone address that issue in that context and in that way. It seems to be more relevant as time goes on and the world discusses our new interconnections and global responsibilities. What the study taught me as a person is that there are in and out-groups wherever you live. Some will have more opportunities in life

Why Are Boxers are Always in Shape?

Have you ever wondered why boxers are always in shape? Like many of you I have wondered how it is possible to have such low body fat percentages with high levels of muscle tone. There is a point of fitness that moves far beyond what is required of a healthy lifestyle and into the realm of art. Boxers are a type of athlete that lives at a higher metabolic rate that most of us can only dream about. Part of their success relies in the nature of their sport. Boxers compete by weight class and like their wrestling cousins they are placed in groups based on size (i.e. feather weight and heavy weight). The leaner, and more muscle per pound they have, the higher the advantage in the ring. Incentives to lose weight and keep themselves thin correlate into wins and losses. Yet that isn't the biggest part of the story. They are thin and muscled because they burn a ton of calories per hour of training. A solid boxing practice with combinations and lots of movement leads to 700 calories bu

Call for Papers IJCRR Journal

ISSN: 0976-4852 Volume Number: 8 submit your paper on Dear Authors/ My Dear Colleagues & Researchers, IJCRR is an open access, peer-reviewed, International Journal, that provides rapid publication (monthly) of research articles, review articles and short communications in all subjects. Every article published in IJCRR is provided with unique DOI and provides rapid publication of articles in all areas of Social Sciences, Humanities, Agriculture, Engineering and Technology, Medical Sciences, Life Sciences, Human sciences, Biotechnology, Mathematics, Pharmacy, Nursing, Management, and Basic Applied Sciences. The Journal welcomes the submission of manuscripts that meet the general criteria of significance and scientific excellence. The manuscript number will be mailed to corresponding author within 24 hours after submission. All manuscripts are peer reviewed and reviewing process will be completed within one weeks. The manuscripts will be published online s

Product Price Drops on Amazon Often Cause Customer Disatisfaction

E-commerce has come to rule the marketing world and understanding how product price changes impact perceived customer value is helpful for strategic planning. A study of a popular e-book reading device found that dropping product pricing has a negative impact on customer perception (Lee, et. al 2016). Before adjusting price you might want to think of how consumers are going to react prior to making major adjustments. The study found that star rating, review depth, positive & negative emotions are impacted by price decreases product reviews on popular products. When companies lowered their prices there was an immediate reaction to product reviews by customers. Two price drops showed concurrent drops in satisfaction even though the second one was more muted. Why are product reviews important and why do companies not want to mess with them often? Product reviews changes your ranking in Amazon and can impact what products show up on the first page. It can also change the perception

Early Morning Kickboxing and Muay Thai

The mornings are the times when people scramble to jump in the shower, put on their business clothing and drag their tired bodies to work. This is a natural part of working life in today's era. There are also those rare times when you wake up a few hours earlier than needed and head to the gym for some crack of dawn kickboxing and Muay Thai. Nothing says "motivation" more than going to bed early and rising before the sun has its chance to illuminate the landscape. Coffee in hand I walk into a new gym in a state somewhere between sleeping and partially awake. Having never been at that particular gym before I didn't know what to expect. More importantly, I have only limited experience with Muay Thai and a little fearful that I was going to run into 25 year-olds who have been competing since they were 5 years of age. Sounds like I'm going to get a beating in addition to a work out! Once I caught a glimpse of the class I realized my fears were unfounded. While

Applying the 4 Ps of Marketing to Amazon and Ebay

EBay and Amazon are powerful online e-commerce sites that offer small businesses opportunities to reach out into bigger international markets. As much as 60% of all online sales originate from these two mammoth marketplaces and those business that are not online are most likely to flounder. Price, Product,  Promotion and  Place can be applied to these electronic realms. As you work on creating your business model you will want to consider how these Ps apply to the online world. Evaluate your business to ensure you are working on each of these P's until you can find improvement. When all four are in the best possible place you have a viable business. Price: Markespaces are highly competitive because people compare prices quickly. Many customers will instinctively pick the lower price 90% of the time but this isn't always the case. Balancing your price with quality and service to the optimal selling position is helpful. Product: Because Amazon and Ebay have lots of sh