Friday, July 14, 2017

Persistence Leads to Success

Each of us faces challenges because we live in a world where our and others limitations come into play. The human being in us is complex, seeking out different avenues of fulfill our needs, and coming to all types of different conclusions about the best avenue. Despite our limitations in controlling our environment it is those who continually seek persistent improvement that win at the end of the day.

We simply can't control life. We must roll with it and put our energy into it and it will return something. Nothing good comes from the same old same old patterns. New chaos brings new ideas, ways of doing things, and methods of overcoming challenges. As our skills and abilities grow so does our confidence to meet new challenges.

You may be working on something and it doesn't seem to be going anywhere. Maybe you shudder your business or try something else. However, down the road you find that the same skills you used in that business help you to succeed in a new one. Failures today do not approximate the future of tomorrow.

However, giving up does. It is decisive and it ends all effort! You definitely won't succeed if you give up. Yet when we continue to put effort, even after failure, by adjusting our process and trying again that is a pretty good predictor of future success. It isn't that each try will lead to success but that the chances of success go up with multiple tries.

Persistence is the ability to accept failure and learn from it. Those that can learn, move on and try again will eventually succeed. They have what it takes to continue working on their lives, business, and goals and adjust when they don't achieve at first light. Thomas Edison failed thousands of times but eventually came up with the right product....that rushed in a new era.

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