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Narrowing the Skills Gap For American Businesses

American jobs are partially filled by domestic hands as employers increasingly rely on immigrant labor and foreign operations to patch shortfalls and maintain  profit margins. The skills gap at U.S. businesses may become a hefty problem if not tackled prudently. Experts predict that by 2018 there will be an expected 46.8 million open jobs with 30 million of these jobs requiring post secondary education. The problem has become so pervasive there is a projected 3 million person deficit whereby 60% of employees won't have the necessary skills to function fully in those positions (Achieve, 2012). Not having the proper skills limits the capacity of U.S. businesses to keep up with production and technological advancement. Markets that have excess capital of labor are more appealing for investment and growth. Importing these skills can help fill this gap but doesn't solve the problem developing homegrown skills through more robust higher education and training programs. A study

Submit Papers to Business, Management and Economics Research

Submit manuscripts to the coming issues of the journal (Business, Management and Economics Research). The journal is fully open access, peer reviewed, published every month and accepts papers globally. You may see journal's website here. Submissions are made by email to the editor at or and online submission. Manuscripts are reviewed and published on time. Hard copies are also published. We would appreciate it if you could share this information with your colleagues and associates. Please feel free to contact us via email or live chat for any assistance you need. Regards, Academic Research Publishing Group Website: Email:

Hobby Businesses often start small and sometimes grow large. Why?

Most of us have heard the story of a intelligent person tinkering in his garage and a decade later have a multi-million dollar business with warehouses and employees. These are outliers that don't often happen but they can happen when all the right steps are taken. There is an essential difference between those who will succeed and those who don't. Entrepreneurs must have the right product. Yes, really smart people can find many products but if your selling something no one wants and there is no market demand for it you will be fighting uphill. Large companies have often blocked out entry into certain markets and to be successful means offering something unique that the market needs. There is also a level of unwavering commitment. You can't quit or give up. Make sure you continue to work on it everyday even if it is only a little bit. If you leave your hobby business for a while turn around and pick it back up again. Over time you will learn, develop and find new ways o

Persistence Leads to Success

Each of us faces challenges because we live in a world where our and others limitations come into play. The human being in us is complex, seeking out different avenues of fulfill our needs, and coming to all types of different conclusions about the best avenue. Despite our limitations in controlling our environment it is those who continually seek persistent improvement that win at the end of the day. We simply can't control life. We must roll with it and put our energy into it and it will return something. Nothing good comes from the same old same old patterns. New chaos brings new ideas, ways of doing things, and methods of overcoming challenges. As our skills and abilities grow so does our confidence to meet new challenges. You may be working on something and it doesn't seem to be going anywhere. Maybe you shudder your business or try something else. However, down the road you find that the same skills you used in that business help you to succeed in a new one. Failures

The 2017 International Conference on Education, Psychology, and Learning-Fall Session

The 2017 International Conference on Education, Psychology, and Learning-Fall Session (ICEPL-Fall 2017) Venue: Kitakyushu International Conference Center Date: November 7-9, 2017 Submission Deadline: July 30, 2017 Conference Website: Enquiries: The ICEPL is dedicated to the advancement of the theory and practices in education, psychology and learning and promotes collaborative excellence between educators/researchers and professionals from the related fields. We welcome full papers or abstracts that encompass conceptual analysis, design implementation and performance evaluation. Detailed information and topics of interest are available on the conference website. All papers submitted for possible presentation at ICEPL and for publication in the proceedings are subjected to a double-blind, peer review process for technical merit and content. Submissions are accepted in English. Submit your manuscripts and join us in Fukuoka this year!

Moving into International Market Process

International marketing is becoming increasing important and will likely be the main way in which people engage in commerce over the next thirty years. The world will choose between greater connection or protecting their sovereignty. Despite this choice, there will be more coordination because money is to be made in the international market. As with each new market comes new cultures and those cultures also create different ways of looking at products and services. Any company that wants to succeed in the global market must have global awareness and be able to interact with those cultures in a way that resonates with their core customer. Before moving into a new market all companies should go through at least a basic process of determining the best methods of reaching their target market. Failure to not do so could cost corporations a lot of investment money. 1. Conduct marketing research. 2. Determine the goals of communication. 3. Determine effective messages for the target m

Munising, Pictured Rocks, and Hidden Falls

On the northern coast of Michigan, protected by a harbor and rolling hills on all sides it is a small town of Munising. It hosts approximately 2,300 residents and a tight knit community that supports year round tourism. Because it is surrounded by hundreds of miles of forest it hosts hiking, horse riding, atv and snow mobile trails that cut paths into some of the most beautiful gems. There are number of marked falls and hiking trails in the area. If you are a nature lover and are looking for a place where water, cliffs, and untamed forest abound Munising should definitely be on your visit list.

Rousseau and the Idea of Social Contract

Jean-Jacques Rousseau was a social philosopher that came up with the idea of the Social Contract in his 1762 Treaties. His belief was a powerful one and eventually led to a number of major societal changes and revolutions throughout the world. According to the Social Contract monarchs have no right to enslave their people and the legitimate rights of governance exist only when people willingly give up an equal amount of rights for the benefit of all.  The only legitimate form of government is that which is separate from the people and subject to their well. A form of democracy where the will of the people superseded the rights of any king, class, or government. In this view, all men (and women) have the same rights and obligations to follow the law in so long as those laws represent what the people want.  No person, president, or class should be above the law and in turn the law should not be above the will of the people. If a person or class of people are above the law, then the e

Getting in Touch with Nature by Canoeing the Au Train River

Its quiet so you can hear the birds chirping in the background, the river flows softly down a winding trail cut through the forest. For seven miles there is nothing...nothing but nature and the few river enthusiasts hovering in small groups. Au Train Michigan offers canoe and kayak rentals that end three hours later a half mile from where you parked. If your looking for some exercise and the chance to connect with nature you should consider taking the trip down Au Train River. A resort area that hosts a mix of rental cabins and homes with ample water frontage for swimming, fishing and bon fires . Affordable pricing and recreational opportunities throughout the area. A great get away for a few nights or a week.

Vertical and Horizontal Proximity Leads to Cluster Development

Offering rental space to businesses that function in a company's production chain can help develop local clusters. It is these connections of vertical and horizontal businesses that help to develop increasing innovation. Research on property led approaches to cluster management found that linkages were formed when physical proximity to businesses in the supply chain and the artistic class were located near each other (Zheng & Chan, 2013).  Relocating business near each other helps to create denser connections. Businesses need help making vertical linkages to different levels of the production chain as well as horizontal connections to businesses at their same level to encourage growth. When they need support and resources it should be there. A high percentage of these connections occur because of the rental proximity of the supportive businesses to the parent company.  It is natural for people to walk across the hall, see each other in the parking lot, and eat in the s

Early Morning Jogging-Getting it out of the way

It can be tough to wake up in the morning and go for a job; or walk depending on your fancy. Yet within a short while you have fulfilled a basic cardio workout that caries throughout the day. Building your basic fitness program can help you stay on track even when you are busy. Routine is key here. The better you are at protecting your time for fitness, the higher the chance of achieving your goals. Sometimes working out can seem like a problem for busy people. By the time you get home from work you are tired and not in the mood. There is house cleaning, cooking, and duties that can easily steal your workout time from you. The early mornings are some of the best times to get the basics done before other issues overwhelm you. After that first cup of coffee, and the chance to wipe the crust out of your eyes, you should head outside to breath some fresh air and get your lungs pumping. It can be touch and you might not feel like doing it but once your done you will feel much better.

Gladstone 4th of July Parade 2017

Happy 4th!!!!

The Upper Peninsula's Very Own DeYoung Zoon

The DeYoung Family Zoo is located in one of the most rural environments you can imaging. Wallace Michigan is a small town with few residents and even less places to shop or eat. However, nestled between the pine trees is the "Wallace" or DeYoung Zoo hosting an impressive array of exotic animals drawn from all over the world. Big cats, bears, canines, reptiles, primates, birds and other exotics are available for viewing. Sometimes they have petting opportunities were new animals are socialized through contact with other people. As people pet and play with the animals their become more domesticated. N5406 Co Rd 577, Wallace, MI 49893

Declining Birth Rates in the U.S. and its Impact on the Economy

According to an article in the LA Times the birth rates in the U.S. are declining. While we have an ever increasing world population the U.S. population is not replacing itself. What is making it possible is immigration. We may wonder why we shouldn't just allow the birthrate to continue to decline in hopes of saving the environment and gaining ourselves a little more land. Here might be a couple of good reasons? 1.) The productivity of a nation is dependent on young people producing products that help support the economy and the nation. It is possible to increase productivity with less people but in general, over history, each human being accounted for some level of economic contribution. 2.) As the nation imports more people from overseas the character and nation of the change. Its not a problem if we have a plan. For example, if we are going to become an international nation then having people from different places can be extremely helpful in raising our international knowl