Sunday, June 25, 2017

Make the Best of Every Situation

Everyone has ups and downs and we often run across situations where we face some challenge or set back. Instead of feeling upset it is better to think about the possibilities of where you can learn and see if the set back created new opportunities. The process of developing stronger and more positive approaches to life is helpful in the long-run and you will find yourself growing.

The process of thinking about opportunity works in both our personal and professional lives. You may be starting to think about starting a business and find yourself blocked. Perhaps you have a new relationship and feel that it isn't going as well as planned.

Don't think the worst!

Start thinking about what you can learn from it and where you can go from the new knowledge. If it is a difficult problem in business you might work on finding a solution. If it was tough for you it will likely be tough for others as well. Solving that problem could give you a "leg up" from other businesses that can't solve it.

Perhaps you have contemplated on the problem for a long time and still can't find a solution. Think of who you could outsource the problem, change your business model, or find an alternative. This kind of thinking can often lead to greater outcomes over time.

1.) Think about what happened and why it happened. Find the root cause.
2.) Determine what you could do better next time.
3.) Think of alternatives.
4.) Evaluate the alternatives.
5.) Pick the best one and make it happen.

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