Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Horse Riding as an Exploratory Sport of Commitment

There is something wonderful of horse with their powerful bodies and their unique temperaments. Some will love horses and others won't consider horse ownership. The riding of the horse is one of the smallest considerations while the bonding and grooming of the horse is likely one of the biggest commitments. Owning a horse becomes a serious time consuming effort that some feel is worth the effort.

Two considerations come immediately into play 1. Cost and 2. Enjoyment. If the cost is higher than the enjoyment then one should seriously consider not getting one. If the enjoyment is higher and they are willing to give up extra things like new clothing that might give them pleasure it might be a good idea. We have only enough resources to go around and it is important to use them wisely.

Lets also consider personality. People who like horses do so because they are exciting, feel alive, are consideration and show leadership traits (See Study). They are a people who find that the activity matches well with who they are as a person and they are likely to feel gratified by riding and taking care of a horse. If your personality seems to match with buying a horse then you have a solid reason.

Horses are certainly beautiful animals that take a lot of commitment and time. Like many other things they are also expensive and one will need to go out and see them at least 3X a week if they hope to maximize their enjoyment and truly support the health of the horses. The rewards can be enormous for personal and psychological purposes. Making wise decisions today help us achieve our financial and personal goals.

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