Friday, June 23, 2017

Giddy Up Cowboy!!! Rodeos

I had the pleasure of attending a rodeo last week and engaging in the country lifestyle. I grew up this way, not necessarily rodeos, but the country way of living. While I was bred in the lush landscape of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan I have not frequented rodeos much. What was interesting was not only the skill of the riders but the social event that gets the community out and visiting.

A rodeo is much like a football or soccer game. It has its own favorites and cheering teams. While not large enough to do a rolling wave it does have its hard core country fans. Serving food, drinks and selling horse gear such rodeos are part marketplace, part social gathering, and part sport entertainment.

The events include lassoing a run away calf, trick riding, rodeo queen announcement, bull riding, dance and barrel racing. Typically activities go on for a few days and riders either camp on site or stay in nearby hotels. Horses are stabled right on the fairgrounds or local arena.

Most interesting is the skill of the youth of the participants. Sometimes being under the age of 10 and able to master the skill of horse riding while even in a full canter. If you have ever ridden a horse you will know that lots of balance and confidence are needed to keep yourself on the horse while it is moving at a fast pace.

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