Thursday, June 8, 2017

American Business Culture Rooted in Adaptation and Performance

Americans are pragmatic if anything. As a people who continuously expanded West to conquer new lands their culture is ultimately rooted in their history and outlook on life. The ruggedness of the frontier made Americans adaptable through their constant overcoming of challenges and interactions with the Native Americans who used their own style in warfare which was subsequently adapted and gained independence from Britain.

Western business culture can be egalitarian when information is spread throughout the organization and lower level managers are empowered to make decisions. These decisions are expected to be based in supported arguments and bring forward practical problems and issues.

Organizations that widely disseminate information and are willing to draw skilled workers and lower level management the decision making typically are more adaptive. Problems are solved quicker and there are more minds to help changes both small and large processes. Organizations work as a team where everyone "buys" into the company's success.

A sense of fair play and pay based on actual performance is what set Americans apart. Some cultures are more oriented toward family, social networks and friends. While this creates a stable society it can often damage the competitiveness of their company as less skilled individuals are hired for important positions.

As Americans we should cherish these cultural traits that have helped us move toward the top. There is a growing trend where nepotism at the upper ranks is damaging corporate competitiveness. While hiring someone you know to be a high performer is an appropriate business practice, one must always consider all of the qualified candidates and base their decision on solid business practices.

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