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The Necessity of Civility in Politics

Eyes have been turned on politics since the last election with growing partisanship and lack of basic civil respect. No names, no side, no person will be mentioned because the blame lands on both parties equally. They created the environment were hate and anger are the mainstay of government business. As a value system we failed to contemplate the long-term disadvantage of brutality. Some of you were raised with a religious background and some of you were not. You don't necessarily need it to have a religious participation to have a civil approach to treating others. We as human beings know that our society is based on the ability to work together as a group and this is deeply rooted in our psychological, biological, and historical existence. Whether we are discussing a nation, or some savage band living in the woods, the principles are the same. It is our ability to work together and overcome our challenges that makes the difference in our survival. Once we decide to not wor

2018 International Conference on e-Commerce, e-Administration, e-Society, e-Education, and e-Technology (e-CASE & e-Tech 2018)

2018 International Conference on e-Commerce, e-Administration, e-Society, e-Education, and e-Technology (e-CASE & e-Tech 2018) April 1-3, 2018, Osaka, Japan We cordially invite you and your colleagues to participate and submit papers to 2018 International Conference on e-Commerce, e-Administration, e-Society, e-Education, and e-Technology (e-CASE & e-Tech 2018) which will be held in Osaka, Japan, April 1-3, 2018. We welcome submissions from all over the world and we encourage you to join us in Osaka, Japan to share your research and knowledge. To submit abstracts/papers for presentation or participate as an audience member, please visit the conference website for more details. All submissions will be subject to a double-blind review process. All accepted manuscripts will be published in the conference proceedings, under an ISSN reference, on CD-ROM support. The objectives of the conference are: 1. Provide a platform for the researchers to seek furt

Employee Performance and the Hawthorne Effect

The Hawthorne studies helped us understand that a persons social network and environment has as much influence as their innate abilities. I recently read an article in the Economis t that brought up a a lot of great ideas I learned in college. A person's potential is defined as much by the environment as it is by their actual abilities. I know this is a little odd. While looking for a dog I went down to the animal shelter and was show a mild Chihuahua that was afraid of everything. It was meek, mild, was frightful of its own shadow and barely took any treats you provided it. I asked the volunteer what the story was with this lifeless dog? She stated with some sadness that the dog lived with other dogs in an old man's house and it was at the bottom of the dog pack. It ate last, got pet last, got its food last. It was simply socialized to be seen as "not worthy". That got me thinking of corporate culture. We are so busy with trying to win the next promotion that

2018 International Symposium on Business and Management (ISBM 2018)

ISBM 2018 @ Osaka, Japan - CALL for PAPERS 2018 International Symposium on Business and Management (ISBM 2018) April 1-3, 2018, Osaka, Japan We cordially invite you and your colleagues to participate and submit papers to 2018 International Symposium on Business and Management (ISBM 2018) which will be held in Osaka, Japan, April 1-3, 2018. We welcome submissions from all over the world and we encourage you to join us in Osaka, Japan to share your research and knowledge. To submit abstracts/papers for presentation or participate as an audience member, please visit the conference website for more details. All submissions will be subject to a double-blind review process. All accepted manuscripts will be published in the conference proceedings, under an ISSN reference, on CD-ROM support. The objectives of the conference are: 1. Provide a platform for the researchers to seek further opinions, comments, and suggestions. 2. Contribute knowledge in the field of bus

Horse Riding as an Exploratory Sport of Commitment

There is something wonderful of horse with their powerful bodies and their unique temperaments. Some will love horses and others won't consider horse ownership. The riding of the horse is one of the smallest considerations while the bonding and grooming of the horse is likely one of the biggest commitments. Owning a horse becomes a serious time consuming effort that some feel is worth the effort. Two considerations come immediately into play 1. Cost and 2. Enjoyment. If the cost is higher than the enjoyment then one should seriously consider not getting one. If the enjoyment is higher and they are willing to give up extra things like new clothing that might give them pleasure it might be a good idea. We have only enough resources to go around and it is important to use them wisely. Lets also consider personality. People who like horses do so because they are exciting, feel alive, are consideration and show leadership traits ( See Study ). They are a people who find that the a

Gladstone City Commission Meeting: June 26th, 2017-Trucks,Cost and Landlords

The Gladstone City Commission Meeting held on June 26th, 2017 brought up a lot of great questions and showed an air of concern and collaboration on pressing problems. While I was not fortunate to attend the entire event I was able to see where an important spirit of collaboration was taking fold where logic seemed to win out over process. Lets first discuss trucks. The cost of new dump trucks is a whopping $214,000 dollars!!! For a small town of Gladstone that is huge! There was much debate and discussion over how to reduce that amount such as retrofitting the back of the truck and selling the old truck. Considerations over where the money would come from was also important with the use of 100K in the fund and whether that should be used. As long as all the options were thoroughly explored fiscal responsibilities were achieved. City leaders don't often work together on issues but here they were willing to engage in productive conversation. Ideas were floated around about alte

What is Biased Research?

We have a growing problem of bias in research. It often occurs when someone has a goal or objective in mind and then sets out to prove something is right. Their perspective is justification for an existing belief than actually asking an open question. At other times, the researcher leaves out pertinent information that would lead to a different conclusion. Bias skews the results and can lead to expensive consequences as decisions are derived from faulty findings. Consider a scientist who wants to justify his decision for some personal or professional reason. Being involved in the conducting of a study on an existing decision may make the person prone to all types of bias because they have a personal stake in the results. Letting someone else do the research might be a more appropriate choice. This is what I would call a bias by objective: The objectives of the research is not to answer an open question but to justify one's pre-existing beliefs. There are also times when resea

Through Good Times and Bad-Character Definition

Life will have its ups and downs. Sometimes you might be on time while at other times if feels more like you are scrapping the bottom. We experience this because life has lots of challenges each of us must overcome. We have lots of things to do and many different stresses but the definition of our character is formed by how we handle it. When times get tough is when your character is defined. Its not about how much money you have, how many friends you have or the things you brag about. At those dire times it is about the true quality of your character. Your essence can't be hidden when you must pull yourself up from your boot strings. Some people get through tough situations and then look back and find that it was worthwhile experience because it changed their perspective forever. While it may not have been fun to go through and it could have been full of sorrow or challenges they are able to accept and improve on their lives. We must consider that deeply rooted character is

The Methods Used by Government to Spur Innovation

Governments seek to create innovation within their districts to develop a more robust economy. The process of doing this can take many forms but at the root of their strategy is innovation. It is believed that innovation leads to economic growth and the employment of more people. An article in the International Journal of Innovation Science helps us understand what many governments are doing (Jacknis, 2011). Many of the strategies governments use were based in the Industrialization Age where hard products were created. The modern age is more technological and service oriented. It is my perspective that better online collaborative communities are likely to spark that innovation at a fraction of many of the previous programs. The methods in use service specific functions such as either sparking, transferring, or rewarding innovation. The author cites the following approaches: Copy-write and Patent Protection: Legally protecting new developments to reward the inventor. While not c

Pharmaceutical Companies in San Diego Snap Up Life Science Companies

I'm reading the San Diego Union Tribune and come across an article by Bradley Fikes entitled San Diego's science allure draws in big partners . San Diego has a robust bio diversity and life science industry that is attracting big pharmaceutical companies hoping to capitalize on new innovations and developments. The drugs business is huge and attracts big investment. Life science companies that have promising portfolios and new discoveries are a hot item for investment. As these companies are encouraged to develop and invent they have willing investors that can connect them with larger production capabilities.  This industry thrives because of the years of scientific development off of the natural ocean front and diverse sea life. Much of its history has included the conservation and scientific development of its natural resources. They have effectively capitalized on their history and local geography to create a viable industry.  Clusters often work with shared kno

World Conference on Education – 2017

World Conference on Education – 2017 (WCEDU – 2017) 12th – 13th October 2017 Colombo, Sri Lanka Researchers are invited to send abstracts for all modes of Oral, Poster and Virtual Presentations. Submit Abstracts on one of the following Conference tracks but not limited to; - Participatory Learning - Diversity in Learning - Global Issues in Education - Education in Asia - Business Education - Peace Education - Technology use in education - Youth and Education - Climate change and Education - Vocational Education - Counsellor Education - Learning Assessments - Research Management - Language Education - Pedagogy - Terrorism and Education - Education in the African region - Art Education - Course Management - Research Management - Curriculum Development Read more at - Abstract submission deadline: 31st July 2017 Early-bird Registration Deadline: 30th August 2017 Submit your Abstract at -

America Still Needs Investment

Unemployment is low and companies are making profits but growth beyond 2% is difficult. We can't look to labor and we can't look to corporate profits. We can look to where those corporate profits are spent and whether or not CEOs are gaining the highest return on investments. Putting money back into American made businesses can make a difference for the future economic vitality of the nation. Much of this money is going overseas where companies over the past few decades believe they can make the most money. The problem is that that money is lost to Americans for purposes of improvement of national competitiveness and the balancing of government budgets. Reinvesting this money into productivity and expansion can provide greater growth for the nation. Productivity improves on costs and production outcomes by enhancing workers skills so that higher quality products are produced. Training in skilled labor skills, general knowledge, and high technology industries helps both the

Make the Best of Every Situation

Everyone has ups and downs and we often run across situations where we face some challenge or set back. Instead of feeling upset it is better to think about the possibilities of where you can learn and see if the set back created new opportunities. The process of developing stronger and more positive approaches to life is helpful in the long-run and you will find yourself growing. The process of thinking about opportunity works in both our personal and professional lives. You may be starting to think about starting a business and find yourself blocked. Perhaps you have a new relationship and feel that it isn't going as well as planned. Don't think the worst! Start thinking about what you can learn from it and where you can go from the new knowledge. If it is a difficult problem in business you might work on finding a solution. If it was tough for you it will likely be tough for others as well. Solving that problem could give you a "leg up" from other businesses

The Resort Area of Mackinaw Island

Mackinaw Island is a historical tourist and resort location located between the Upper Peninsula and Lower peninsula of Michigan. It has its roots in Jesuit missionaries, French fur traders, Native American tribes, the War of 1812 and the American revolution. Once a strategic location that protected the Great Lakes it became a historical landmark. The island has a small town that allows for businesses and houses. Some people actually live there year round while the wealthy buy homes and visit during the summer. There are no cars allowed on the Island and people resort to walking, biking, and horseback riding. You will need to ferry across to the Island from Mackinaw City or Saint Ignace. Most of the ferries leave about every half hour. Island workers are often either local, owners of the businesses or imported summer labor. The Island has a lot of things to do for families. Staying on the Island can be quite expensive so consider either of the two towns on the mainland.

Giddy Up Cowboy!!! Rodeos

I had the pleasure of attending a rodeo last week and engaging in the country lifestyle. I grew up this way, not necessarily rodeos, but the country way of living. While I was bred in the lush landscape of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan I have not frequented rodeos much. What was interesting was not only the skill of the riders but the social event that gets the community out and visiting. A rodeo is much like a football or soccer game. It has its own favorites and cheering teams. While not large enough to do a rolling wave it does have its hard core country fans. Serving food, drinks and selling horse gear such rodeos are part marketplace, part social gathering, and part sport entertainment. The events include lassoing a run away calf, trick riding, rodeo queen announcement, bull riding, dance and barrel racing. Typically activities go on for a few days and riders either camp on site or stay in nearby hotels. Horses are stabled right on the fairgrounds or local arena. Mo

The Arnolfini Portrait- Intrigued and Symbolism

The Arnolfini Portrait was painted in 1434 by Jan van Eyck using an early Netherlands style which is of the Northern Renaissance family. As a representation of the marriage of Italian merchant Giovanni di Nicolao Arnolfini and his wife. There has been some considerable discussion on whether this painting is a marriage contract, a depiction of a wedding or simply a brothel. Regardless of the origincs the picture offers some insight into life during that time. The picture is one of illusionism that was remarkable for its time. The author completed multiple layers of the painting to create a realist depiction of the couple. In addition, there was symbolism of wealth with the rich clothing, religiousness with candles, loyalty of the dog, and the way in which the hands are help.  The picture has more meaning than what one actually first sees. It can be argued that the dog depicts loyalty among the couple. While beds in waiting rooms are common the red curtains indicate a sensual nat

4th International Conference on Business, Economics, Management and Marketing

4th International Conference on Business, Economics, Management and Marketing Call for Papers: 14th to 16th August 2017 Venue: University of Oxford Planning is now in hand for 4th International Conference on Business, Economics, Management and Marketing - ICBEMM 2017(Oxford), which, as you may know, will be held in Oxford, United Kingdom on 14th to 16th August 2017. The overall objective of ICBEMM 2017 is to provide a platform and stimulate discussion on various issues affecting business,economics, marketing and management and interdisciplinary study between business, economics and management. Conference Website: Call for Papers Link: Other FLE Events Link: Research and discussion on any aspects of business, economic, management and marketing is welcome. The deadline for proposals is 17th July 2017 by which all interested participants are required to submit a prov

The Life Cycles and Rejuvenation of Clusters

Clusters are not one time creations that grow and then burn out after a few decades. They can go on and on growing and transforming when properly managed. According to research in Competitiveness Review those clusters that have strong knowledge based, social capital and strong public policies can continue to grow and adjust through various life-cycles (Valdalio, Elola, & Franco, 2016). While some aspects of the cluster may phase out there are often others that grow at the same time. A few die and a few grow making the cluster a living and vibrant organism. The entire cluster can die when there is not enough economic principles, such as knowledge, social and policy, are not in sufficient supply. Knowledge: The innovative and skill level of organizations and employees. Social Engagement: The social interaction that leads to shared knowledge and innovation. Policy Management: The fiscal policies on a local, state, and national level. Clusters are a lot like businesses t

Empowerment and Motivation

Empowerment and Motivation By Susan Sasiadek, Ph.D. June 12, 2017 Can empowerment motivate employees? Can motivation be enough for empowerment within a business? These two topics work hand in hand in creating an organization that thrives on employees that are valued and take ownership in what they do and how they represent the company. According to Sarkissian (2017) empowerment is about how an employee feels in terms of being effective, able to control situations and influential. On the other hand, motivation is defined as both internal and external elements that create a desire for individuals to continue to be interested and committed to their task at hand to attain a goal (Business Dictionary, 2017). There is great value in having employees that are committed to the organization’s mission and vision. These employees not only take on an intrapreneurial sprit, but they create opportunity for the organization through creativity, productivity and appreciation for the en

Handling Rude Behavior and Hidden Motivations

We are human and each of us has motivations to accomplish certain things within our lives. Sometimes these are our goals along while at other times we may need to solicit the help of others. Despite this there are a rough and tumble few that push their agendas on others and it is beneficial to understand them in order to know how to handle conflict before it arises. Reasonable motivations are natural and are not a major concern for others. People who are healthy are honest about their needs and can express them openly to others. They don't have hidden agendas or personality flaws that get projected to people they are in contact with. Having insight into their motivations can lead to greater bonding and better alignment of goals. However, there are those who are not so honest and have deep seated motivations that may not even be aware of. For example, someone with low self-esteem but hasn't grasped the origins of that issue might project their attitudes onto other through ru

ICSS XIII, 13th International Conference on Social Sciences

ICSS XIII, 13th International Conference on Social Sciences 6th to 7th October 2017 Vienna, Austria ICSS XIII,to be held at Vienna University as in-person, poster and virtual forms. The accepted papers in Education, Economics, Language and Social Sciences will be published in proceedings book with ISBN and in Scientific Journals ( ) Enquiries: Web address:

7 Ways to Stay Motivated


Complete Your Work Out Every Day

Staying fit is a consistent process whereby you must engage in a certain level of activity everyday and have the discipline to control what you eat. While going to the gym three days will work many people fall out of habit quickly on their off days. A much better process is to integrate a certain level of fitness into your day-every day. This means changing how you workout to develop a "must do" every morning. What works for me may not work for everyone. I work out 2 hours a day. I spend my early mornings, before everyone is up, at the gym. My basic workout includes 1 hour of weights and half hour cardio. When this is completed I feel as though I have done what is necessary for the rest of the day. I can add on more if I want. At home I engage in yoga and kickboxing practices. Sometimes I might have a dance class or fencing. It all depends on scheduling, time, and energy. The yoga encourages stretching while kickboxing helps me to coordinate my body into a useful activity

The Marketing Research Process

Market research follows the same methods as other research. It doesn't matter if you are conducting a study on health or one on which products are beneficial. The strict use of a method creates greater clarity and consistency in the results. The same method is used in almost all marketing companies to ensure validity and rigor. 1. Define the problem succinctly and what the research objectives should be. 2. Determine the sources of information that you will need to answer the questions. 3. Evaluate costs and benefits of the research. 4. College the data. 5. Analyze and interpret the information. 6. Share the results with those who need it.

Pictures of Marquette Michigan

Originally a settler and missionary location for the Upper Peninsula of Michigan it is has grown to 22K people and has been shipping for nearly 170 years. One of the top 10 places to retire and the third snowiest locations in the country.

Reducing Ineffective Legislation and Improving "Honest" Government

If all politicians were narrowly focused on what is in the benefit of the nation we would not have a problem with misaligned values and inappropriate legislation. The problem is that it isn't always like this and other factors sometimes take precedence. Perhaps it never was meant to be that way. Politicians and the money that moves to them can create huge incentives to make decisions in favor of corporations in ways that can damage the needs of citizens. While these are unfortunate facts of government, it is possible to give business greater say in legislation while limiting their influence in the oversight of such legislation. Business supporting of industry based research institutes that analyze common industry problems (i.e. pollution, mining, transportation, etc..) can improve legislative effectiveness. Industry gains increased power to propose beneficial legislation that meets government limits, restrictions, and quotas. They have a free hand in proposing legislation in an

The International Traits of Giftedness

What is a Gifted Person? You have heard the tales of Einstein, Newton, and the detailed discussion of child prodigies but the actual definition of a gifted person still eludes our understanding. Reviewing 10 countries in Europe, including the U.S., and 9 countries in Asia a study found remarkable similarities in gifted definitions. You may be surprised to find that a Gifted person is defined as having the following traits: Reasoning: The ability to use reasoning skills to compare and contrast information through logic. Inquiry: The desire to understand more things. Memory: Recalling detailed information when needed. Learning: Chronically seeking to learn about new things. IQ: A high IQ on standardized tests. Problem Solving: Solving new and unique problems in previous undiscovered ways. Interest: The motivation and desire to accomplish something. Insight: A deeper sense of the "truth". Giftedness is a qualitative and quantitative difference in perception t

Clute International Academic Conference on Business Las Vegas

Clute International Academic Conference on Business Las Vegas 8th to 12th October 2017 Las Vegas, Nevada, United States of America Submission Deadline: September 6, 2017 (Miss a deadline? Contact our office.) OVERVIEW The Clute Institute, established in 1985, hosts the International Academic Conference on Business (IACB) to promote excellence in academic research. Please join us for the Clute International Academic Conference on Business Las Vegas. The aim of the conference is to provide an opportunity for researchers to present their ideas, proposals, or completed research in all areas of education to an international audience. Since 20 to 30 different countries are typically represented, presenting at this conference is a great way to get feedback from researchers with a different perspective. An extensive list of acceptable topics is available on our website. Blind peer reviews are available upon request. CONFERENCE VENUE We will be returning to the Harrah's Las Vegas located on

Do you do your best under competition?

We are sailing and the wind is at our back and the choppy sea at our front. At 10 knot winds, with gusts up to 13 knots, the boat is cruising along at a hefty pace. Tacking takes a lot of energy to do with lightning speed and you can find yourself wearing out quickly if there is lots of activity. These are the times we often find ourselves doing our best. Competition brings out skills we didn't know we had. It offers short term bursts of energy where the only measurement is you against your competition. As they improve their game, you improve yours. As each of you eyeball each other a dance of increasing performance ensues. Most of time we do what is necessary to get along. We don't expend extra effort unless there is a legitimate reason to do so. In a race, both sides are expending as much energy as they can in order to inch in front of their competitors. Without this constant push it is unlikely you will win the race or reach new heights in performance. Competition is

Functional Downtown Spaces: Culture and Functionality as a Branding Opportunity

The downtown for small and medium towns are an important center of commercial activity but are ill-prepared to take on the challenges of a more modern global environment.  As city leaders decide the fate of the future of their towns by considering the benefits of downtown revitalization projects, it is helpful to move beyond just commerce and services to see how a downtown can also be a cultural center that creates new opportunities in business, values, and branding. Research on medium sized towns found that it is beneficial to include cultural space in the overall efforts of revitalizing downtown districts (Pazder, 2011). Business districts should be seen through a lens of commerce and culture to help ensure they are vibrant and functional. Cultural identity becomes part of the town's heritage and can make it attractive to new businesses. Small and medium towns should seek ways to differentiate themselves from larger cities that attract their own demographic. Small town succ

Opening Day of Polo: Rancho Santa Fe Cup & Argentina vs. USA match

Opening day of Polo in Del Mar brought a festive spirit with Sunday Chukkers and cocktail sipping under the California sun. The ponies sprinted down the field and seasoned players continued to make goals with their mallets. Long drives and defensive moves were well played throughout the match. As masters of the game the the ability to hit the ball at nearly full speed shows the amount of practice these players engage in. The event drew a large crowed that came "donned" in their finest summer dresses and leisure suits. Sipping on the well kept grass and engaging in conversation the event offered food, drink, and plenty of socializing. On this particular meeting we didn't make our way into the VIP section but went and sat by many of the polo families down on the other side. Spread our blankets, grabbed our favorite beverage and watched the game. Perhaps it was one of the best locations being next to the field and constant visits by the players who's families were si

Encouraging Businesses to Rewrite Regulations for the Benefit of Themselves and Society

Government spends a lot of time researching and understanding which legislation is beneficial for stakeholders. They don't always get it right and sometimes they get it so wrong that doors close and jobs move overseas. While these are hotly contested issues that make Republican and Democrats burn with anger and spill-out seething rebukes it is an ongoing problem that must be faced! We can impose regulations from the top or we can partner with industry to create regulations. The top down system is beneficial when industry cannot propose workable legislation. The hammer shall come down and it should be on the side of the people. At least in theory in societies that are "for the people". doesn't need to come down when there are alternatives. Industry are the masters of their environment and will have much more knowledge than any legislator will gain. They know their business, what will help them grow and what will screech their business to a stop! Industry

Poem: The Fog Creeps


How Sailing Can Teach You About Processes?

We sail and sometimes we fall behind loosing the race by a boat length. One can argue that it is based on skill level of the crew, the type of boat, or the overall weather. Yet these are only part of the answer. All of them can impact some of the performance of a boat like a Shock 35 in a sailing race. If your falling behind the competition and not making your marks properly then you may want to formulate and practice your processes. What is a process in a boat? Every time you make a move on a boat such as tacking or jibing there will be a sequence of events. The skipper should call out the action, and upon the direction change the sails are adjusted to the new course. Seems simple but there are lots of different activities that make this action smooth and quick. There is a sequence related to all activities and the more the crew understands these movements and practices them the better they get! Consider the sequence below: -Skipper calls out a tact and counts down. -Ship ch

American Business Culture Rooted in Adaptation and Performance

Americans are pragmatic if anything. As a people who continuously expanded West to conquer new lands their culture is ultimately rooted in their history and outlook on life. The ruggedness of the frontier made Americans adaptable through their constant overcoming of challenges and interactions with the Native Americans who used their own style in warfare which was subsequently adapted and gained independence from Britain. Western business culture can be egalitarian when information is spread throughout the organization and lower level managers are empowered to make decisions. These decisions are expected to be based in supported arguments and bring forward practical problems and issues. Organizations that widely disseminate information and are willing to draw skilled workers and lower level management the decision making typically are more adaptive. Problems are solved quicker and there are more minds to help changes both small and large processes. Organizations work as a team wher

Detecting and Measuring Economic Clusters on a Regional Level

Detecting and measuring economic clusters on a national scale is possible with a little statistical analysis. Researchers in Germany were able to evaluate macro-data and determine which industries and geographic locations experienced vertical and horizontal linkages (Titze, Brachert & Kubis, 2011).  Understanding where these clusters are formed can impact public policy in ways that improve production and export.  The researchers used input-out analysis and then further pinpointed locations of industries with concentration measures. The end result was that they were able to determine concentrations of linkages in specific regions within German.  Governments can use information like this to determine where clusters are forming and what industries are thriving. Based on economic need, they can further promote policies for the national good will.  To understand specifically how these firms are connected and how they interact means we would have to move from a macro analysis to

Long-Term Corporate Decisions Add Value

A study in the Harvard Business Review indicates that long-term decision making leads to greater corporate performance. The study reviewed the performance of 615 nonfinancial U.S. companies between 2001 to 2014 and found that long-term behaviors increased firm value while short-term decision came up "short". The difference between short and long-term choices influence outcomes such as average revenue 47%, average market capitalization 58%, average company economic profit 81%, average job creation 132% and average company earnings 36%. The study also found that if that if companies took a long term approach over $1 trillion in asset value could be realized leading to a total market cap of about 4%. A total of 5 million additional jobs could have been created. While the study doesn't address this issue there are reasons why strategic decision makers often focus on short-term results. They must prove themselves, show profit, and please their shareholders. They need qui

The Future of Economics - a multidisciplinary approach

The Future of Economics - a multidisciplinary approach 16th to 17th October 2017 Washington DC, United States of America We gladly invite you to attend the International Conference The Future of Economics - a multidisciplinary approach which will be held at Johns Hopkins University, just 20 miles away from Washington DC. The Research Association for Interdisciplinary Studies (RAIS) creates an ample research platform for academics and researchers from all around the world and offers them the opportunity to create lasting relations for future collaborations. RAIS encourages academics and researchers to share their experiences and to contribute to the developing of diverse subjects, offering them the perspective of an interdisciplinary approach. Topics include, but are not limited to: Economics, General Management, Studies on Poverty, Business Ethics, Strategic Management, Family Business, Labor Market, International Business, Marketing, Economic Development, Production and Consumption, S

Rosarito Beach Mexico-Fun and Frenzy

We find our selves surrounded by the cool ocean, sparkling hotels, and a smorgasbord of bars and restaurants. Welcome to Rosarito Mexico just 18 miles or so from the border. A place where youthful Americans and Mexicans go to "sow their wild oats". Originally a ranching community it took off in the 1950's when Hollywood entered the area. People flocked to the little city in an effort to get away and enjoy the beach culture just across the border. Wild and crazy it is definately for those under the age of 30. Places like Pappa & Beer are a popular destination with their American style dance music, sand dance floor and multiple floors. Towns like this exist because of tourism. It appeals to Americans, Mexicans and European visitors. Money and investment that caters to visitors keeps the place growing and changing around the beach. You will find that Rosarito Beach is very well kept while the greater the distance from the tourist location the more the propert

Creating an Online Conversation with Students

Discussion questions can be a little redundant and leave students bored. Students get used to the same way of communicating with their professors over and over. They go through the motions and don't put much thought into them, seeking to maximize points but not truly engaging in the conversation. Not enjoying also means less interest and less recall. Professors can create momentum to engage in a deeper conversation by focusing more on what is being said and providing insightful responses. We can be smart, witty, and totally dumbfound our students with big words. But is it a conversation?Connecting with students in a way that engages them in a conversation that leads to greater insight means we actually "talk" to them even when the forums are online. We discuss issues on a "real" level and seek their input so we can expand their knowledge. It takes a different kind of response then simply posting a certain amount of times, focusing specifically on content, an

Lessons from Sailing: Practices Makes Perfect

After a month off from sailing I find myself back on the Minx crew grinding away in the Beer Can Races #2. This time was a little different as my skill level improved after seven or eight competitive races. It takes a little time under the "hot seat" to make things work. Control of the jib, and spinnaker seemed to become more natural with repeated experience. In the past it would take two people to act as grinders to manage the jib and ensure a tight exchange and reset upon tacking. This time the skill became more natural and the second person was barely used at all. As a matter of point, the second person sometimes became a hindrance when trying to navigate between taking up the slack by hand and using the wench to finish it off. The advantages were that less skirting of the jib was needed because of the increased speed. What I learned from this situation is that practices does improve overall knowledge of how these two sails work and that finding the right spot with t