Thursday, May 4, 2017

Social Corporate Responsibility

Corporations are formed from the sweat of their laborers and the ingenuity of their skilled workers. They are a big part of what makes American great. As embedded members of our society they also have responsibilities over it.

In the same way that all citizens should consider effort to make the country better​ so do successful companies. With the growing gap between rich and poor this imperative is becoming even more important.

Social corporate responsibility is a pact with the community that encourages greater growth in society through educational and community based activities.

The opportunities are wide open to just about anything a company can ponder. College grants, neighbor clean up, donation of books, training programs, pollution clean up, housing or just about anything that comes to mind that furthers a purpose of significance.

The type of social responsibility projects should be based in the values and industry that define the organization. For example, paper mills could donate art paper and supplies​ to school children while cell phone companies could support emergency phones for single parents.

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