Monday, May 1, 2017

Being in the Box

Being "in the box" is a trap of management thinking where limited perspective abounds. Stuck in the groove, unable to see the big picture and lacking innovative thinking are some of the symptoms of this condition.

If you are stuck in the box long enough your ability to solve new and unique problems is seriously hampered. As complex business problems arise you continue to use the same wrong tools to try and fix it.

Companies that continuously perpetuate "box" type thinking create atmospheres that lack high levels of performance. The end result is lost revenue and constantly being bested by the competition.
Innovation requires new ways of thinking about a problem using our noggins in ways we may not be familiar with. The crazy is sane in an innovative environment!

To alleviate the dull pain of narrow mindedness take a pill of fresh perspective. Either hire innovative kookie employees or learn to think in a new way.

Explore all the different ways to see and solve a problem. Then narrow and evaluate them based on the company's resources and strategies to determine the paths most feasible. Nothing should be excluded during the brainstorming stages and the wilder ideas can lead to a new way of doing business that creates long term success!

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