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22 Excellent Social Media Tips


Clute International Conference on Education Orlando

Clute International Conference on Education Orlando 2-6 January, 2018 Orlando, Florida, United States of America Submission Deadline: December 4, 2017 (Miss a deadline? Contact our office.) OVERVIEW The Clute Institute, established in 1985, hosts the International Conference on Education (ICE) to promote excellence in academic research. Please join us for the Clute International Conference on Education Orlando. The aim of the conference is to provide an opportunity for researchers to present their ideas, proposals, or completed research in all areas of education to an international audience. Since 20 to 30 different countries are typically represented, presenting at this conference is a great way to get feedback from researchers with a different perspective. An extensive list of acceptable topics is available on our website. Blind peer reviews are available upon request. CONFERENCE VENUE We will be returning to the Disney's Boardwalk Inn located within the Walt Disney World Resort.

Revitalizing Small Towns Through Stakeholder Analysis and Strategy

Revitalization downtown areas is an important public policy initiative based on the declining Midwestern towns displaced by globalization and migrations to metropolitan areas. The study entitled How to Revitalize a Small Rural Town? An Empirical Study of Factors for Success. University-Community Collaboration with a Small Historic Rural Tourism Town in the Journal of Rural and Community Development offers valuable information on how university-community collaboration can impact the revitalization of small towns (Grunwell & Ha, 2014). Public officials of Dillsboro, NC reached out to local university staff to help it with staggering declines in economic activity as a result of the tourist train no longer stopping at their station. Local employment consisted of education, healthcare, social assistance, entertainment, art, recreation, food services, and public administration. With limited business attractions and an average household income of $33,500, 8% unemployment rate, and man

9th Annual American Business Research Conference

9th Annual American Business Research Conference DATES: 10-11 July 2017 VENUE: Sheraton LaGuardia East Hotel, New York, USA EXTENDED Submission deadline: 16 June 2017 & EXTENDED Registration deadline: 26 June 2017 Website: Email: Theme: Research for Advancement Full-length papers, research-in-progress papers, case studies and /or abstracts, relating to all areas of Accounting, Banking, Business Law, Finance, Economics, Investment, Management, Marketing, E-Commerce, Business Ethics, Business Education, Econometrics and Statistics are invited for the above international conference. This conference is organised by: American Research and Publications International (ARPI) USA and supported by London Academic Research and Publication (LARAP), UK and World Business Institute (WBI), Australia and 5 peer reviewed international journals which are listed by Excellent Research Australia (ERA) of Australian Research Council, Ulrich's Directory of USA. T

Challenges of Small Businesses


3rd International Conference on Accounting, Management and Innovation in Business

We are pleased to announce the Call for Papers for the 3rd International Conference on Accounting, Management and Innovation in Business, Graz, Austria, May 31st. The 2017 Conference is jointly organized by FH JOANNEUM University of Applied Sciences, Austria and California Lutheran University, California, U.S.A. The place where distinguished scholars and businessmen get together from all over the globe. For more information regarding the conferences, use the links below to explore our conference websites. Enquiries: Dr.Ali Dehghan

Global Awareness Fosters International Expansion

Companies that desire to compete on a global scale should learn to develop intellectual abilities beyond the capacities of most domestic businesses. Managers with global knowledge are a highly sought after commodity during this expansion process. American employees often lack international exposure due to limited travel and overseas assignments. Without this knowledge recruiting managers sometimes find that they must rely on immigrants and new comers to society to support their international operations. Consider research on what pressures are likely to push companies to expand internationally in the Journal of International Business Studies (Dastidar, 2009): 1. Companies with high technology and/or marketing based resources. 2. Small home markets with higher production capacity. 3. Managers with global knowledge and experience that can accelerate the process. Global awareness and knowledge are necessary components to competitiveness and if businesses forgo learning or recruiti

May 8th, 2017 Gladstone City Commission Meeting: Parks and North Shore Lakefront Development

The Gladstone Park-n-Rec expenses and the North Shore Lakefront Development Project were center stage in the May 8th, 2017 City Commission Meeting. Occurring the 2nd and 4th Monday of the month at the Commission Chambers at 1100 Delta Avenue at 7:00PM. Two important public interest topics were raised. While smaller issues arose the primary purpose is to raise awareness of the "big ticket" items.   You may find more information here. Park-n-Rec Costs/Profits Discussion over costs and benefits were proposed. The total expense over the past year was $735K. When approximately $609K in profits were subtracted it led to a $126K deficit. However, this deficit is considered smaller than previous years and costs approximately $43 dollars per person. There are a number of factors that influence park usage and could have an impact on budgets. Parks must have neighborhood accessibility and walkability in order to improve the overall number of visitors (Van Dyke, et. al. 2013). Anoth

Turn Your Old Table Into an Antique Table

Sometimes we come across old tables with solid wood that are beat up, nicked, and scratched. The construction can't be beat. It would be a shame to throw it away when it offers so much life still left in it. By antiquing these tables you are able to give them new life. The process is pretty simple and doesn't take long to do. Step 1: Lightly sand the surfaces to ensure the paint will stick. Step 2: Paint with one coat of color such as red, blue, green, etc... Step 3: When the first layer has dried paint with another color to create two coats of different colors. Step 4: Lightly sand to show some wear and tear. The bottom color should come through and it is ok if the wood comes through as well. Step 5: Spray the entire piece with a sealant that will protect the wood.

Michigan State University Director, NCI

Position Announcement Director, NCI Michigan State University School of Planning, Design, and Construction MSU Extension, Greening Michigan Institute Michigan State University’s School of Planning, Design, and Construction (SPDC) and MSU Extension seek a Director for their NCI unit. The position is 100% funded by MSU Extension through its Greening Michigan Institute. Formerly known as the National Charrette Institute, NCI recently moved from independent non-profit status to a unit supported by MSU Extension and fully integrated within SPDC on the main campus at Michigan State University. Based in a landscape architecture/urban planning tradition, NCI is currently focused on non-credit training and developing collaboration by design process techniques to address pressing social problems, with focus on urban and regional issues. With its long history as an independent non-profit, NCI brings nationally recognized training curricula and hands-on community-based procedures along with

A Model That Moves Business Clusters to Collaborative Communities

Moving from a cluster to a collaborative community is possible under the right circumstances. There are advantages in doing so that include cost, risk, speed of products to market, flexibility, and economies of scale advantages. According to an article studying mining companies in Greenland published in the  Journal of Organization Design it is possible to create these collaborative communities to the advantage of its members (Kadenic, 2017). Working closer together creates an additional advanced step in the development of an economic cluster. According to the study, there is a model clusters can use to create greater collaboration. This includes ensuring that there are common resources, solid communication infrastructure, and appropriate protocol/rules among members. Commons: The shared knowledge and resources that all of the actors of a cluster can use. You might think of human capital, natural resources, government grants, etc... Infrastructure: While infrastructure i

2017 Paris International Academic Conference on Education & Social Sciences

2017 Paris International Academic Conference on Education & Social Sciences Conference Dates: June 25-28, 2017 Submission Deadline: May 25, 2017 Early Bird: May 15, 2017 Paris, France There will be a free ferry cruise on June 28th (Wednesday) Dear authors, we're pleased to inform you that submission is still open for the conference. The conference will be held in Hotel Les Espaces Rocroy from June 25 to June 28, 2017 in Paris, France. All accepted papers/abstracts are double-blind peer reviewed and participation in the conference includes publication of your complete manuscript in the conference proceedings. This conference has four main aims: 1. Providing academics and researchers a platform where they can share their ideas, present papers in front of colleagues and receive feedback about their research. The exchange of ideas seeds links for future collaborations across the world. 2. Providing opportunities for the academics to have their research published either as full pape

Escanaba Town Hall Meeting May 4th 2017-Cars, Commerce and Cat-Man-Dos!

Town hall meetings provide an outlet for comments and concerns as they relate to city changes. There were a host of reasons why people participate in these meetings that runs the spectrum from complaints to complements. The May 4th, 2017 Escanaba Town Hall meeting delved into the issues of cars, polling and searching for a new City Manager. A few events were passed that will help encourage greater patronage of the downtown area. Cat-Man-Do's Fundraisers : The 100 Block of South 15th will be closed from 5:30 to 8:30 on June (2nd, 14th, 29th), July (12th), August (9th, 12th), and September (13th) for fundraising events.  Proceeds will go to Wheel a Sportsman to support disabled and hunting opportunities. Bike and Classic Cars Night: The 1200 Block of Ludington Street will be closed from 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM on June 14th, July 12, August 9th, and September 13th for "Bike and Classic Car Night". Downtown Sidewalk Sale: Ludington Street will be close July 29th, 7:00 AM t

How to Market Your Small Business


The Power of Persistence

There is power in persistence. It may be one of the central deciding factors between those that are successful and those who are not. Day in and day out those who are persistent continue to work on their goals. It doesn't mean doing the same thing over and over unless those things work. It does mean putting in the time to find a way for things to work.  It is the consistent​ effort until your hopes and dreams are realized. Lets say you own a business and you are not making money. It doesn't mean throwing your hands in the air and giving up. It does mean you find a new way of doing things and make it work. There is no doubt it will be difficult. Sometimes you may win and at other times you will lose.  However​, over time you will slowly gain ground and pick up speed as you move forward. Not everything will work for everyone. Yet you can make it work if you see the roadblocks and then find a way around them. That process of working around road blocks is what make

2017 MIAMI International Multidisciplinary Academic Conference

2017 MIAMI International Multidisciplinary Academic Conference Theme: Promoting Global Progress in Society and Academia ORGANIZED by: Academic Organization for Advancement of Strategic and International Studies – Academic OASIS Jointly with International Association of Applied Business Research - IAABR Dates: June 9th -10th, 2017 Place: Miami, Florida, USA TownePlace Suites by Marriott, Miami Homestead 935 NE 30th Street, Miami Homestead, Florida, USA - Complimentary Breakfast Buffet - Complimentary Wireless Internet - Complimentary Guest Parking Deeply discounted rooms with a lot of complimentary/free services are available at the TownePlace Suites by Marriott for the participants in the conference! In order to reserve a room at the deeply-discounted special rate ($109/night single or double), on the reservation screen of the hotel direct website under Special Rates and Awards enter: MMAMMAA, and complete your reservation (your reservation is NOT completed

Political Expression or Acts of Civil Disobedience

I'm a supporter of political expression regardless of whether you are Republican, Democrat or something in between. As an adherent to Liberal Republicanism....if there is such a thing....I can say I have some leanings to the right. However, those are economic ideas, principles and freedom based values. On the social side, I believe in the inherent rights of individuals. The right of individuals to express their beliefs in acceptable pathways. Is this political persuasion or civil disobedience? I would bet that it is a touch of both. There is a definite political argument here but it does violate some laws as they relate to damaging public property. While I can applaud the political expression, I cannot agree with it costing the tax payers money. It will take a few dollars to strip and clean off the work. Dollars that we all worked too hard to earn! As a Republican who looks at this picture, I can feel a little ping as my sense of values, based on my own limited perspectiv

How to Inspire Your Employees to Greater Performance


Social Corporate Responsibility

Corporations are formed from the sweat of their laborers and the ingenuity of their skilled workers. They are a big part of what makes American great. As embedded members of our society they also have responsibilities over it. In the same way that all citizens should consider effort to make the country better​ so do successful companies. With the growing gap between rich and poor this imperative is becoming even more important. Social corporate responsibility is a pact with the community that encourages greater growth in society through educational and community based activities. The opportunities are wide open to just about anything a company can ponder. College grants, neighbor clean up, donation of books, training programs, pollution clean up, housing or just about anything that comes to mind that furthers a purpose of significance. The type of social responsibility projects should be based in the values and industry that define the organization. For example, paper

Motivational Video on Business and Not Giving Up


2017 International Conference on Education New York

2017 International Conference on Education New York July 30 – August 3, 2017 New York City, New York, USA Submission Deadline: June 30, 2017 (Miss a deadline? Contact our office.) OVERVIEW The Clute Institute, established in 1985, hosts the International Conference on Education (ICE) to promote excellence in academic research. Please join us for the 2017 International Conference on Education New York. The aim of the conference is to provide an opportunity for researchers to present their ideas, proposals, or completed research in all areas of education to an international audience. Since 30 to 50 different countries are typically represented, presenting at this conference is a great way to get feedback from researchers with a different perspective. An extensive list of acceptable topics is available on our website. Double blind peer reviews are available upon request. CONFERENCE VENUE We will be returning to the Sheraton New York Times Square Hotel located just a few blocks from Times

Customer Loyalty by Honesty

Honesty goes a long way with customers even though we feel sometimes that admitting our mistakes makes the customer think less of our business. Customers are looking for trustworthiness and relationships with the businesses they frequent; honesty sows the connection. Let me give you an example where a mistake was recovered for greater loyalty. I have a 1993 old Isuzu Trooper and in small towns like Escanaba, Michigan you can't always get what you want due to its isolated location in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. I took a referral and dropped my truck off. They couldn't find an axle and I had to search it out for them. Annoying!!! They also quoted me a ludicrous amount for the cost of repairs. I explained that it shouldn't take 4 hours to change an axle and tighten a wheel bearing. In the back of my head I kept thinking I made a costly mistake bringing it to them. It wasn't a mom and pop shop but one of the larger mechanic businesses in the town. I thoug

Poor Customer Service Can Put You into Congress Crosshairs

We have all learned about the importance of customer service. However, when customer service drops to international outrage it may result in increased scrutiny and discussion of regulation by lawmakers. You may want to read about United's CEO being on the stand in front of the House Transportation Committee on Tuesday.

The 3rd Asia Pacific Conference on Contemporary Research (APCCR- 2017)

The 3rd Asia Pacific Conference on Contemporary Research (APCCR- 2017) 26th and 27th of August 2017 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Venue: Hotel Sentral , KL, Malaysia Theme: “Sharing Solutions”. ISBN: 978-0995398-078 APIAR Scholarships APIAR is delighted to announce a competition for excellent academic papers.Entries will be judged on the quality of the paper, including the presentation. Only full paper registered presenters in the conference are qualified to apply. APIAR is delighted to announce that registration fee will be waived for the four best paper winners to participate in the very next conference. The prize is non-negotiable and no monetary alternative will be available. The 3rd Asia Pacific Conference on Contemporary Research (APCCR- 2017) will be held on 26th and 27th of August 2017 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The main theme of this conference is ' Sharing Solutions '. Accordingly, the conference will cover Business, Social Sciences, Education and Inform

The Different Types of Shoppers and How to Keep Them

Customers are the lifeblood of any business and knowing how to retain them is a lucrative strategy. Understanding the different types of shoppers can help you create strong customer service and loyalty programs. There are four different types of shoppers that include economic shoppers, personalizing shoppers, ethical shoppers and apathetic shoppers (Stone, 1954). Economic Shoppers: Want products at the lowest price. They may consider value and warranties but ultimately want to purchase items at the cheapest rates possible. American made or not they are going to buy. Personalized Shoppers: They shop based on the relationships they gain from their shopping experience. It is best to treat them with individual consideration. These type of shoppers are seeking personal and friendly staff. This is one of the reasons why customer service has a strong impact. Ethical Shoppers: They shop based on loyalties. Most of the time they will frequent the same store over and over without movin

Companies Selling Overseas are Growing

An oddity in our economy occurred where Earnings Per Share and GDP are widely different. Analysts are unsure but it could be a slow growth market in the U.S. and a much higher growth market overseas. There is always the possibility that is is a one off situation and growth in the U.S. could be realized in following quarters.

Consistency in Working Out Makes The Difference

Things take time!! You don't expect to make a million dollars in the first few days of investing and you shouldn't expect to be ripped from inconsistent work outs. Get into a routine and keep it going will help you achieve your goals! There are two types of people-those that will and those that won't! It makes its way throughout your life. If you're the former than you will make things happen by staying the course, learning and adapting. Waking up each day and heading to the gym requires consistency and persistence! When you're tired and sore you still grab your coffee and head out. Those that don't and have lots of excuses simply wont achieve their goals. If you want results you will need to be at the gym on a regular basis. Rain, sun, blizzard it should make no difference. Over time you will find the right mix for you, learn about food and watch your body transform! You will be a hard charging soul!

Taylor's 10th Teaching and Learning Conference 2017

Taylor's 10th Teaching and Learning Conference 2017 (TTLC2017) ----------------------- 30th September to 1st October 2017 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia ----------------------- If you are an educator, school leader or policy-maker, you will want to be at the TTLC2017, an international conference, now in our 10th year! This vibrant event has a reputation for thought-provoking speakers who are leading experts in their fields. ----------------------- THEME - The Future Ready Graduate: Redesigning Higher Education For Greater Impact ----------------------- AN INTERNATIONAL MEETING OF EXPERTS AND THOUGHT-LEADERS In its 10th year, the TTLC continues to be a meeting point for more than 200 experts and participants from over 16 countries including lecturers, researchers, thought-leaders, policy makers and Ministry of Education Officers. ABSTRACT SUBMISSION ----------------------- Papers Accepted: Full-refereed or Working Paper Presentation Types: Standard or Virtual Abstract Closing Date: 5th May

Creating Vivacious Organizational Communications to Foster Adaptability

Organizations that don't change eventually die! The single element that can have a profound impact on growth within an organization is communication. That is right! Its not hiring more managers, putting in fancy compensation systems, or outsourcing. It comes down to do employees having the right information they need, when they need it? Adaptable organizations feed off of information and rely on information networks as much as the human body relies on its nervous system. Without information employees become isolated, unable to make decisions, and eventually whither within their daily job functions. Organizations are bounded rationality and without some type of formal or informal communication system they will not be able to create a shared perspective. That lack of perspective often leads to a company that can't push information quickly to get everyone working together. People develop their own agenda and have a hard time working together. Think of how silos impact the fu

Thinking Fast and Talking Smart Communication Techniques


Being in the Box

Being "in the box" is a trap of management thinking where limited perspective abounds. Stuck in the groove, unable to see the big picture and lacking innovative thinking are some of the symptoms of this condition. If you are stuck in the box long enough your ability to solve new and unique problems is seriously hampered. As complex business problems arise you continue to use the same wrong tools to try and fix it. Companies that continuously perpetuate "box" type thinking create atmospheres that lack high levels of performance. The end result is lost revenue and constantly being bested by the competition. Innovation requires new ways of thinking about a problem using our noggins in ways we may not be familiar with. The crazy is sane in an innovative environment! To alleviate the dull pain of narrow mindedness take a pill of fresh perspective. Either hire innovative kookie employees or learn to think in a new way. Explore all the different ways to