Sunday, April 2, 2017

Why Republicans Should Brand Around Their Core Principles?

The Republican party is a helpful and beneficial political mechanism that has a lot to offer the country. However, there have been significant splintering within the party based on some differences related to variances in opinions on how the country should be managed. The problem is that we get into the dogmatic arguments without rallying around our core principles.

Not everyone will agree with everything, but if you find commonalities within a group they can stay steadfast to those principles. Agreeing on those principles is part of the difficulty as strong personalities stick to their beliefs without considering the greater good that can come from rallying people together.

History is full of examples where people have rallied their tribes, country, and allies to accomplish an important goal. When these groups begin to argue about their differences then they weaken and risk impotence. The storming, forming and norming process should continue development to keep people focused. A new generation of Republicans may need a more inclusive and basic brand to rally around.

A few unwashed branding ideas:

-A party of economic pragmatism and expansion that supports small, medium and large businesses.
-The party of economic opportunities and advancement for workers and business owners.
-The party of inclusiveness that seeks to rally people around core American principles.
-The party that supports a strong military.
-The party that supports fundamental ethics, values and religious freedoms.
-The party that supports effective streamlined government that uses fiscally sound management techniques that ensures taxpayer money is well spent.

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