Friday, April 28, 2017

Why is it Important to Maintain Your Health for Maximum Productivity

We sometimes fall into a slump. Eat bad food, not work out, put in an excessive amount of work, and don't take care of our bodies. We know that this impacts our health but may not know that it can also impact our brains. Whether we are talking about our energy levels or our waist size the eventual impact hits our thinking abilities as well. To maintain your competitive edge you may want to consider incorporating a healthy fitness routine.

The brain functions from complex activities of information transference through bundles of neural fibers. These transactions are fostered from chemicals created from the food we eat.

Eating healthy with enough nutrients feeds our brains. Poor diets limit the resources of the brain and lead to feelings of lathargy. Our brains simply work slower and don't transfer information well due to chemistry.

Food is only one aspect as exercise is another. As we exercise we find that our energy levels rise and this leads to greater thinking power. Our health becomes an important component to brain power.
Exercise also improves on the adaptation of the brain. As you improve oxygen intake, learn new movements and gain muscle your brain must recircuit to handle new responsibilities. This keeps adjusting your thinking and keeps it pliable and at its peak.

Suggestions for working out:
1. Cardio to improve blood and oxygen.
2. Resistance to improve muscle tone.
3. Yoga to improve flexibility and mind-body peace.

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