Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Those Little Out of the Way Lunches

Little out of the way places offer great escapes from the bustle of the workplace. No point in frequenting the busy and trendy chain restaurants that your coworkers go to when you can find your own secret place to dine. No lines, unique food, and quite atmosphere allow you to unwind and relax.

It takes a little time to find these hidden gems as they aren't the first thing you find on Google Maps. They are the little restaurants hidden between the large strip mall establishments and around the corner from the local grocery store.

Typically they are mom and pop type restaurants that have a unique flavor and cuisine that isn't offered in other places. Many times they are ethnic in orientation but cater to the American pallet with a few different options.

Walking around and reviewing the area will discover these niche store. Once you enter their atmosphere is often settled into a impression that lasts with you for some time. As you keep going back you begin to become familiar with the family and small staff of workers.

Little gems are what makes dining fun. No freshly scrubbed look, no multiple locations and bland food, more spice and lots of charm. Eating in style isn't always about price because it has something to do with where you eat than what you pay for. Keep looking, they are right there hidden under your noses.

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