Saturday, April 29, 2017

Overcoming the Human Condition of Needs

The human condition is related to the constant search to fulfill our biological and psychological needs. They bubble up and drive our behavior in a way that often works under our conscious awareness.   There are a few people that can master these needs and live in harmony in a way not subject to the constant underpinnings that push us into certain actions and behaviors.

Let us first consider how these subconscious needs drive our behavior. The animal side of our behavior is driven by  biological drives such as food, sex, shelter, and safety. Our human side considers psychological drivers such as fulfillment, social contact, love, and happiness.

As complex creatures, when we are hungry we work, frequent restaurants, and seek out personal preferences like fine French cuisine. Our biological push for food is realized in personal likes and self-image purchases related to self-esteem gratification defined by our social environment. Why pay for a $20 meal when a $5 meal would suffice?

Our simple needs become associated with complex human manifestations that fields like neuroeconomics try to understand. Purchases are associated with a decision-making process that filters through our neural networks that tap deep memories and feelings that result in a conclusion to purchase or not purchase.

To gain mastery over your needs and wants requires digging deep into your thoughts and actions to find what drives certain behaviors. Your motivations maybe subconscious, but understanding them through thoughts and actions is possible on a conscious level.

Once you develop a mental mechanism of self-reflection you can gain mastery over these needs and find new ways of fulfilling them. You become a fully self- actualized individual. You become the master of your own life!

To owe yourself is no greater feat. When u finally are in harmony with your needs and understand their drivers you can choose more directed behavior that closes the distance to their achievement in a more pragmatic manner. Behavior becomes purposeful and goal directed in a conscious manner.
As an added bonus to understanding yourself, is the ability to understand others. We have social brains and awareness of how our behavior is impacted by our subconscious needs also leads to understanding of how other's behaviors are impacted by which needs drive others. Understanding yourself leads to understanding others as the rose color glasses are removed.

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