Friday, April 28, 2017

Managing to your employees strengths!

Managing to your employees strengths has a profound effect on employee self-efficacy and workplace productivity. As employees improve their skills and find confidence in their work they often begin to take charge of their own performance.

You will also notice an amazing impact on productivity when you assign tasks and responsibilities to people that have the skills to complete them. Hundreds of aligned tasks each day to the "right people" means less mistakes and saved time.

The key to doing this well is to avoid the natural urge to focus on the negative or deficiencies in skill. Your employees will appreciate that you appreciate their abilities. You have the added benefit of an empowering environment​ that not only develops employee skills but also requires less micromanagement.

Self-efficacy and confidence comes from mastering new skills. Each time an employee uses their strengths to complete a task they feel empowered and more confident in their ability to take on new tasks.

Confidence has a lot to do with motivation and their desire to engage in new work responsibilities. Less foot dragging and passive aggressive behavior occurs when they think positively about their ability to reach goals through task mastery.

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