Thursday, April 6, 2017

How the Watch Buy Matches Your Personality?

In the world of consumer products there are few accessories that a man can wear that tell more about his personality than a watch. Sure the shoes are important, and the type of suit he wears, but the watch takes the cake. It is one of those pieces that draws your attention and says something about who you are at a deeper level.

We don't pick products blindly in a store just because it is convenient. We look at the style, price, and functionality to come to a conclusion. That conclusion says something about you and is based in your neuro-economic choices rooted deeply in your subconscious self-image.

Leather Band and Silver Front: You balance the line between sporty and classy. You are part in the office and part in the go go world. Many of these watches come from military and pilot backgrounds showing that you live an active lifestyle.

Gold Watches: You are definitely out to impress others. The gold watch draws attention because it is expensive and made of the most magnificent material. It is a status symbol used by bankers and merchants.

Silver Watches: You are solid and serious person. Starting out as divers watches they show an expensive and active style. But the strength of the watch is what you are after. They are more expensive than a leather band but not as status oriented as a gold watch.

The A/X Armani Exchange brown leather band watch says you like to blend class with a sporting lifestyle. It will match your brown shoes and belt. It is classy enough to go with most suits and casual enough to wear with jeans.

$98.99 $120

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