Sunday, April 2, 2017

How to Tap Into Your Creative Potential?

Creative potential is a cognitive resource where people add up and make connections between different information and experiences in a way that leads to the development of something new and unique. The use of creative potential is used in art, marketing, science, problem solving and the development of business. With a few simple tips you can tap more into your creative potential.

1. Find that time when your brain is the most creative. Work early in the morning or in the evening when you have the most creative energy.

2. Get rid of distractions. It is hard to be creative when you have lots of things going on that keep your mind focused in other places that have nothing to do with the creative project you are working on.

3. Surround yourself with creative things and people. If you surround yourself with creative things and people you are much more likely to be creative yourself.

4. Go inside. Go inside yourself and find new and unique things ways of looking at the problem. Change your perspective around as much as possible and look at things from a new angle.

5. Once you have come up with a creative idea explore those ideas to see if they will actual work in what you are trying to accomplish. Somethings make sense while others will need to rethought.

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