Monday, April 3, 2017

How the Internet Creates a Backlash Against "Big Box" Retailers

"Big Box" retailers are facing the advent of online purchasing power. They have been slowly in decline over the past few decades and stores are adjusting to reach a new online buyer. Consumers want smaller boutique stores that offer quick and fast paced contact with customized customer service. Stores are slowly creating new smaller outlets to attract the online shopper.

Think of how online purchasing occurs. Someone searches out a new product or gadget and finds it online. Many will make this purchase while others will trek down to the store. They don't want to aimlessly walk up and down the isle and stand in a long line. They desire to get in and out quickly without wasting much time.

Consumers will also want their questions answered. They don't want to have customer service representatives that know very little about the product. They have searched and researched the product already and want to know if it is right for them by asking key pointed questions. If their questions are answered they will make a purchase.

You may also find that the purchase of gadgets and quality products need servicing and updating. The modern online buyer will walk into a store and want their product serviced quickly. Therefore, the store will need to handle their concerns with care and take care of the product. Consumers are not excited about shipping the item back or to some location and waiting a few weeks.

Modern stores are changing. They will be smaller with higher quality service aspects. Customer service representatives will need to be higher trained and capable of answering difficult customer questions. Stores will be located where people can easily access them. Instead of a shopping cart full of items consumers will want the specific products they are seeking and will go to the store that provides them.

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