Friday, April 28, 2017

How Hiring For Empathy Leads to Stronger Customer Service

Empathy is the ability to intuitive see and feel something from another person's perspective. This natural gift allows us to be aware of our surroundings and emotions of another person. When empathy allows us to understand our customers we have a better chance of serving their needs and retaining them as a valued patron of our organizations.

When customers are upset it is because they feel their needs are not being met. Somewhere in their contact with the organization they were left feeling like an implied or overt process wasn't realized. They feel like they didn't receive the full benefit they paid for and if the feeling stays for long it becomes associated with the company itself.

When negative feelings arise due to a service interaction or defective product it is important to "make right" the situation as quickly as possible. This requires the intuitive and empathetic understanding of how the customer feels and what is going to alleviate those feelings.

An empathetic person reads faces better and picks up on cues better than those who are not empathetic. They understand and match the feelings of the customer and through their discussion of possible solutions know whether that resolves these feelings. They have a social brain that can be used to suggest solutions and resolutions in a way that keeps the customer calm.

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