Monday, April 17, 2017

Helping Business Students Understand Practical Application Through Ebay Assignments

The world of e-commerce is important today and students who graduate from business colleges should have a basic understanding of how that works. According to an article published in Business Communication Quarterly it is beneficial for students to incorporate new knowledge into their coursework (White, et. al, 2007). In this case, the researchers used online Ebay stores and had students review titles, descriptions, categories, and photographs in order to gain better knowledge of how to sell products online.

There are few things better for learning than taking practical knowledge and applying it to a real situation. Using Ebay, Amazon or other online marketspaces students gain an insight into how their ideas match up in a real selling situation. They review product postings and can see where small time sellers might improve their functioning and sales.

In the study, students were asked to find products, see which ones they like and offer suggestions on how to improve. Sometimes these suggestions were based on a better photo, product description, or title. There is no limit to their creativity here.

They key point is that students get to analyze and work with something that is tangible. Perhaps some students will understand how to start their own stores and how this is can lead to a viable business. The principles, matched with core concepts from the class can help them apply that information to other types of businesses that work within the e-commerce platforms. 

White, et. al. (2007). Understanding persuasive online sales messages from eBay auctions. Business Communication Quarterly, 70 (4).

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