Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Empowering Employees to Be Independent Actors

Employee empowerment brings benefits for managers who want their employees to think and act on their own in ways that are advantageous to their position. One of the biggest problems for employees is learning to think for themselves when it comes to acting on opportunities within the workplace. Your management style can have a big influence on how successful they will be.

Instead of telling employees what to do have them think through the possibilities and then guide them to the right answers. They may be missing key points of knowledge or don't understand what the company wants in this situation. This is your golden opportunity to help them reach their own conclusions.

Have employees complete different functions so they can learn about the multiple aspects of their job. Empowerment comes through knowledge and helping them function in a wide range of responsibilities for at least a limited time can create greater awareness of what the entire spectrum of their duties entail. They will then be able to make important connections that lead to better conclusions.

Expect them to be responsible for some aspect of their job. They are the mini boss. That doesn't mean you need to give away the entire department but it can be helpful to give them limited control over specific aspects of the job. They are responsible for the results and bringing up any issues that arise before they become a bigger problem.

Treat each employee with respect as though he or she is groomable. Pretend you are training your replacement and you are grooming them to be successful either at your company or somewhere else. This respect leads to a belief that they are worth something and can achieve their goals. Feeling like they have something to offer and are confident goes a long way.

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