Thursday, April 6, 2017

Can You Bring Cheap Wine to a Friends House? Terrenal Tempranillo, 2015

As a general rule I would say no! You definitely don't want to bring cheap wine to a friends house that has a label that will get you laughed out of the room! But that is a general rule and not specific enough to apply to all wines in all places. Especially not the Terrenal Tempranillo Red Wine 2015!

I'm not advocating or selling this wine. But I can say that it is well blended and a solid purchase for under $5. Few cheap wines attract me, but this one seems to have a vibrant taste that will likely pair with a lot of different plates. It is versatile for most parties where you don't know what is on the menu.

According to the Wine Idiot:

"The nose on this wine is vibrant with black cherry, strawberry, blue fruit, and earthy aromas. The mouth on this medium bodied wine is a nice wine indeed, with great acid and tannin, showing spicy fruit, blackberry, ripe boysenberry, nice round and appealing and capable of handling many a food. The finish is spicy and long with nice spice, along with a dollop of vanilla, great root beer, and more spiced blue fruit. Nice!!"

I know what your thinking, "If I bring this wine people will think I'm cheap". Well, they won't know! This is from Spain so you can hype up the benefits of Spanish wine and how they produce great grapes. Maybe you can strike up a conversation about how you would like to visit there or what places you would like to see.

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