Thursday, April 6, 2017

Are We So Connect to Smartphones We Can't Afford to Lose Power?

Imagine the worst case scenario. You Uber to work, then out with some friends, and then when you need it most your cell phone runs out of power. You can't get hold of people you know, can't check emails, can't Uber, take pictures, or receive text. You are stuck and don't know how to get home. We are so connected to power that it is important to have an alternate portable source of power.

If you are an active and busy person you know how important it is to keep your power on and your information flowing. We live in a socially dynamic world where everything from our reading material to our travel has something to do with our smartphones. No matter what you will want to keep it charged all day.

This can be difficult if you are not going home in the middle of the day. Most of us bring an extra power cord with us and charge while at work. However, this isn't always practical if you are in meeting or you are away from a solid charging area like when you are eating or walking. The only real solution to this is to have your own charging source.

That requires you have an external portable charger. Without it you may simply run out. If you ever traveled and found your phone dead and couldn't call anyone you know what I'm talking about. You will want to make sure that you have enough power to keep your phone charged multiple times and still be able to fit in your pocket or purse. Get 10,000 mAH of portable juice with this sleek charger.

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