Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Americans Feeling More Optimistic About the Economy

According to a poll from the Pew Research Center confidence in the U.S. Economy is extremely strong and reached a point higher in optimism than the financial crisis. Fifty-eight percent of the people feel the economy is doing well while 40% don't feel its doing that well. The jump in optimists went to 14% with marked differences in age.

Older people and people with incomes over $75K a year felt it was doing much better. Those with college degrees feel better than those who don't while Democrats and Republicans feel about the same. Much of the change was with the Republicans who surged after the last election.

Feeling optimistic about the economy is a good thing because it often leads to consumer spending. Consumer spending fuels the economy when people spend more of their money because the near future looks bright. They don't face the same inherent risks as when the economy is not doing well at all.

The way we feel often impacts how we spend our money. When we are positive we buy more products, update our houses, extend our credit and go out to eat more. There is generally a feeling of bliss and a believe that things will continue to improve in a way that will lead to more opportunities. Optimism and positive believes about oneself often go together.

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