Monday, April 10, 2017

9 Trends Millennials Want In Their "Walkable" Cities

Millennials want "walkable" cities and the amenities that go with a new type of metro lifestyle. This is not the big industrial and dirty cities of the past, but the trendy easy commute cities of the future. There are trends that are growing which help us determine how to plan these cities and make them attractive for top talent. The world is changing and it is important for leadership to take notice.

Creating the right kind of "walkable" city is difficult as it can take years to create the right infrastructure and amenities. Following trends helps us create an idea of what these cities are likely to look like in the future and meet the needs of up-coming generations in a way that provides them a quality lifestyle.

Trend 1: Close Proximity to Parks: People want to walk to the park, hang out, play soccer, have picnics, and socialize in a green space.

Trend 2: Smaller Affordable Housing:  Millennials don't feel the need to buy big houses or live in the burbs. They want smaller affordable houses, condos and apartments within their price range.

Trend 3: Excellent Public Transportation: Clean, efficient, sleek, and on time public transportation that makes it worth it to use public transportation without all the homeless, problems and dirt that plagued the system in the past.

Trend 4: Close Proximity to Nightlife: They want places to hang out that are trendy but within a few miles. These are places they can walk, bike, and Uber/Lift.

Trend 5: Bike Paths: Safe and accessible bike paths that allow them to get where they want without having to risk death by poor drivers.

Trend 6: Close Proximity to Shopping: If you are are going to be biking, walking, and taking alternative forms of transportation you don't have the need for large malls that are 20 miles away. Local places to get your basic grocers, clothing, and shopping needs met are important.

Trend 7: High Speed Data: Millennials are always connected and they need high speed data in place to keep their multiple gadgets running.

Trend 8: Jobs with Advancement: Millennials are smart and educated. They want professional jobs they can advance in. They don't want to be stuck doing the same job forever and need opportunities.

Trend 9: Boutique and Trendy: They want small boutique and trendy places that fit within their lifestyle and the way in which they live.

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