Monday, April 3, 2017

3 Rules to Dining in Style for Your Business Meeting

Dining in style says something about you and your ability to understand the finer details of life. If you are on a business meeting then knowing how to pick a place to dine can land you the contract. The place you pick will determine your overall enjoyment and success for the evening.

Lets say that you have a few business partners and you want to take them out to eat. Your trying to sow the deal and land your company a new contract. You aren't sure which restaurant you should pick considering the many options available. You do know that if they don't like the place and don't have a good time you may miss out on a potential revenue generating deal.

Rule 1: Go Unique or Classy: You have two options here. You can go unique, such as Russian-Georgian Food, or you can go classy such as Italian or French. While classy is safe it can also be a little boring. Offering something unique but subtle will keep them cognitively engaged in the dining experience and elevate their mood and time with you.

Rule 2: Check the Wine List: The type of beverages a place offers will often determine its overall genre. If it sells mostly craft beer it will be a different type of place than one with an extensive wine list. Have a solid selection of wine and ensure there are some alternatives in case your guests are not wine drinkers.

Rule 3: Think Atmosphere: You won't be able to make a sale if you are in a loud and noisy place. Find something with lower music in the background, soft lighting, and not lots of busy busy. Your goal is to have a conversation and while you want them to enjoy the experience you also don't want them to be too distracted.

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