Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Snowshoeing into the Wild

Snowshoeing is an excellent outdoor hobby that gets your heart rate pumping and brings you to places that not many have traversed. While it is a popular Northern hobby for those places without large population it can be easily adapted to anyplace that has at least 6 inches of snow. 

Many have used snowshoes for ice fishing, hunting, and even getting to their homes. Others have adopted the sport for fun and fitness activities. You will find the benefits of the workout when you are carrying an extra few pounds on each foot and need to lift up to step into the next position. 

I use snowshoes for lots of different reasons which include hiking, hunting, and photography. It is an excellent idea to have a few in your house or cabin. Modern snow shoes have better bindings than the ones in the past and even come with an ice cleat. A descent pair can be bought for about $100.

Best of all they can double for decoration!

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