Thursday, December 22, 2016

When Freedom of Speech Doesn't Apply to Facebook

Facebook can be hazardous to your career. I met up with some friends and all the drama was buzzing about public complainer. Multiple people were talking about privately and replying to a person's highly cynical comments. The message stated was, "I am tired of working at this job and not making any money...its getting old!" Even the owner of the business chimed in by the end of the night adding to the overall drama.

Social Media like Facebook and Snapchat are not free of risks. We can't simply post whatever we want, when we want it. There are social and financial consequences to freedom of speech. While we may be able to speak freely we are not free from the consequences of what we say.

In the case of our workplace complainer, people are wondering if he will still have a job in a few weeks. The owner and him are likely to have some disagreements now that his true sentiments are stated publically. Only time will tell if he will still have his job.

Freedom of speech is a powerful tool and should be used when their is a purpose beyond oneself. For example, helping people to learn, fighting against wrongdoing, public debate, and support for others are just a few of the reasons. Misdirecting ones anger and life choices onto another is wrong and a misuse of that freedom.


1. Freedom of Speech comes with responsibilities.
2. Social media is not a free for all to say anything.
3. People who chronically complain have low emotional intelligence and are toxic by nature.
4. We socially frown on people who complain all the time.

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