Friday, December 16, 2016

The Rugged Cold-Hiking in the Tundra

Ok maybe its not really the "tundra" where tree growth is hindered but you can get the feeling when it is 2 degrees with a -20 windchill factor. Whether you engage in hunting, hiking, photography or just like to be out in nature realize there are places in this world that are relatively untouched by human hands. You get that eerie feeling when your cell phone no longer works, you haven't seen cottages in a long while and no more cars pass you on the snow covered road.

Out there is there is a truth to life. A place we all began in the nature. Not a soul around and the only sounds are the trees cracking in the wind or that of a wood pecker or other creature of the forest. Your breath pushes puffs steam and your mustache accumulates ice. No matter how many layers of deep cold gloves you wear your fingers are still cold.

Despite its downside and the nipping air you can also feel as though you can clear your mind and enjoy just the state of being in nature. If you are a hunter you can track your next catch and if you enjoy photography you can get a few pics off the beaten paths. You are free to just live and walk much like your ancestors did before modern cities and conveniences.

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