Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Study Says People Dying Younger-Maintain Your Health Routine

Life expectancy in the U.S. declined over the past year and people are now dying younger than over a decade ago. According to a study by the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention the biggest increases are related to drug overdoses, car crashes, and gun shots but most revolve around health related issues.  The study helps us highlight the importance of staying healthy and fit.

We have only one life to live but our health is a series of small decisions that relate to our health. The study highlighted that heart disease, injury, respiratory, stroke, diabetes,  suicide, and Alzheimer's are some of the main causes of death. While some of this is genetic, is also related to lifestyle choice.

Each day we make many choices that lead to our health or illness. The obvious big ones are smoking and heavy drugs. However, there are many small choices such as exercise and eating. For most of us is the later that eventually leads to illness.

Eating is based on habit and culture but can be changed to create a more healthy lifestyle. As a french fry addict I have to learn to replace those artery clogging goodies with something else like sweet potatoes and mashed potatoes. These small choices add up over our lives and lead to a particular health outcome.

It is also important to keep a strong work out regiment. This can be anything like running, jogging, yoga, boxing, hiking, stair stepper, or anything else that interests us. We only must find a way to incorporate this into our lives in order to avoid the sudden decline in Americans health. Getting involved in fitness can help you enjoy your life more and be more active.

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