Monday, December 26, 2016

Strong Negotiation Skills Lead to Organizational Health

Negotiation is part of life and becomes part of the very way in which we interact in the world. Whether we are negotiating for a raise, a new car, or even in relationships it is a strong skill to develop. According to a study published in the International Journal of Management there is a relationship between negotiation skills and organizational health (Jalilvand, 2015).

Organizational health can be assessed through a seven interaction model.

Institutional Level
-Institutional Integrity: Integrity of design and programing.

Administration Level
-Managers Reach: The ability to influence others up, down, and laterally.
-Considerate: Positive and friendly interactions
-Inducing Culture: Task orientation with appropriate standards.
-Resource Support: The organization has the resources needed to complete the work.

Technical Level
-Spirit: Employees have motivation and positive spirit towards work.
-Scientific: A logical and scientific approach to issues.

The study of 100 managers found that negotiation skills were associated with organizational health. When managers can negotiate they navigate their environment better to fulfill objectives and obtain needed resources. As an active social hive organizations that communicate well were also likely to be more effective and profitable than ones that were not.

Jalilvand, H. (2015). The relationship between negotation skills of managers and organizational health. International Journal of Management, Accounding & Economics, 2 (11).

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