Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Reaching Beyond the Stars

There are a few individuals in the world that do much more than accumulate money and wealth. They reach beyond the stars to enact a vision. They are characters that are driving beyond something related to self-gain and into personal challenges. They seek to create a better world and develop something few other people dared to do.

I've always been impressed by people who have climbed Mount Everest, discovered new plant species in the Rain Forest, or explored the North Pole in wooden boats. They are people who have a drive beyond what most of us would ever experience.

Many people give up at the first sign of difficulty and hardship. Instead, visionaries go forward and break new ground despite all odds. They are will creators that are more stubborn than the world around them.

They engross themselves in their pursuits and live, eat, breath, and dream about their passions. They become obsessed to the point that it is nearly all consuming. Their practice moves them to a level of performance others can't find.

Reaching for the stars is a passion for people who are doing it. It doesn't matter if it is starting a business, sailing around the world, or completing some other difficult task. The goal takes on a life of its own and sets and example that other people will have difficulty following.

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