Sunday, December 18, 2016

Keeping Up with Your Yoga Routine

When your busy and working a lot you will naturally lose track of time and shift around your daily agenda. Naturally we start putting our fitness and health routines to the side for more pressing "to do" issues. The problem is that these "to do" items will be never ending and they will never truly be done Set aside a time each day and keep up with your yoga practice.

Good health is built on daily choices that add up over time. We fall into the rut of putting aside those things that don't have immediate consequence for us and we may find that these problems arise over time. All is going well and one day we have an heart-attack, stroke or other medical issue that damages our life in some way..

Thinking ahead is helpful because it allows you to avoid those issues in the long-run while still improving lifestyle now. Set aside some time each day and complete your yoga routine. It doesn't matter if it is morning, middle of the day or night. Get started and you will continue through.

Cardio benefits improve upon your awareness, health and mood in the short run and your heart in the long-run. Resistance postures maintain your muscle strength while stretching ensures you have flexibility. Yoga is seen as total body fitness program that covers the physical, cardio, balance, flexibility and meditative aspects of health.

The excuses will creep in and you will feel like you should put your program aside for a while and then you run out of time. Find a solid hour to engage in fitness and then don't allow anything to get in the way. Make sure your home and ready to do this practice just like you were going to work. The consistency of your routine will be a big part of improving your health.

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