Saturday, December 17, 2016

Following Up for Business Reputation

Businesses often succeed and fail based on their market reputation. When that reputation is strong the business will continue growing on word-of-mouth marketing, strong brand image and repeat customers. However, when its reputation is poor it looses customer and fails to gain new ones as competitors brand image wins out.

Once I hired a contractor that nearly finished the job and was paid appropriately. He said he would drop off the elbows to the downspouts on a building in a few days. He didn't show up. Thinking he forgot, I inquired again and he apologized. Again he didn't show up! After a three more tries I gave up.

Darn contractors!!!!

What impression did the contractor give me? I had more work for him to do but now he will likely never see that additional work because he gave the impression he is not trustworthy. If he cannot spend the few minutes to drop off a couple of pieces worth a whopping $40 out of the $700 I paid him then he cannot be trusted to do more expensive work.

Particularly, he is teaching customers that he should not be paid until he puts the last bolt in because he won't show up again to finish the job. No care, no concern, he made selfish choices that will follow him. His future reputation and income will suffer because he has lost additional work and will have fewer future referrals.

It is important to remember that reputation is one of the most important assets a business can develop. Small towns and small businesses are even more subject to the overall the powerful impact of reputation. The contractor could follow up and ensure all of the work is completed and therefore save his reputation...yet he chose an approach which will lose a future potential customer and tarnish his image.

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