Saturday, December 17, 2016

Downhill Skiing and the Power of Fresh Powdered Snow

Downhill skiing isn't for the faint of heart and requires a little practice to master. Some of us have grown up on ski hills while others learned over time. Whether you enjoy downhill skiing or snowboarding you gain a new level of respect for outdoor sports and the accommodations of a warm lodge. Local ski hills attract locals and tourists and provide a good opportunity for outdoor recreation.

I grew up on a ski hill and enjoyed the beauty of taking off from my father's yard into the side of the hill. It wasn't a big hill but it provided lots of childhood fun. At one point I considered getting on a team and skiing competitively. Never happened, but I have always enjoyed the sport and the life around skiing.

This morning I took off to Pine Mountain Resort for the $12 all you can eat buffet and the fresh blizzard snow. Puffy white powder is what you want before it is packed by the rush of skiers and snowboarders who create slick spots. In this case I was within the first wave of sportsmen to hit the hill.

I enjoy the fitness activities that improve leg strength as well as the cardio benefits of slaloms.  Of course who doesn't enjoy the great outdoors or the lodgings? Sitting by the fireplace after a few hours of extreme weather and more extreme sporting and you get why people come here.

Small establishments like Pine Mountain Golf and Ski Resort encourage new local tourism. People come from 100s of miles around to ski, golf, lodge, and dine in the area; something the local economy really needs. While the ski resort may be seasonal the golf resort offers opportunities for year round recreation. Put on your warmest gloves and ski pants and head for the lift.

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