Saturday, December 3, 2016

Christmas on Small Town Main Street

Small town main streets are more than places to shop but also where Christmas cheer abounds and people get together to meet their community members. During these times children line the street and learn about their community, watch the bright lights and catch candy with the skill of a professional baseball player. Each parade is unique and part of the culture of that town.

For example, I just attended a small town parade that brought most of the town together in one act of holiday spirit. The adults picked their favorite beverage, coffee or brew, and the kids ran around playing and having fun.

Such events do more than simply bring people down town but also expose them to the stores in the area. Parades are great advertisements, and attractions that keep activities centered around the city shopping districts. Each float is sponsored by a business and part of the community.

Contributing to the town and advertising go hand in hand. It shows that businesses care about people and their needs. Each advertisement makes its way all the way down the line across residents eyes and becomes part of a greater effort that contributes to quality of life.

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