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What Does Taking the Initiative at Work Mean?

Showing initiative means that you begin to master your work environment and need less direction from others. You know what needs to be done and start on making those things happens. People sometimes feel that taking initiative means you should take on as many projects as possible but this isn't true. It means completing your job duties to their maximum without prompting from your boss and then moving onto new duties that indicate your quality to the workplace. A few ways to show initiative are as follows: Ask Questions: Ask questions about the projects you are completing. Fulfill Your Duties Well: Make sure you complete all of your duties well. Go Beyond Your Requirements: Fulfill your duties and go beyond the requirements to show your skill. Help Others: When possible help others when they are behind. Volunteer for Important Projects: When important projects arise that will showcase your abilities volunteer for them.

Passive vs. Active Ethics

Passive ethics teaches us what not to do through prohibitions while active ethics tells us what we should do. Ethics is a trust factor in society and without it the social relationships embedded in society begin to break down. Understanding the difference between the two helps us to understand when ethical behavior is above standards or part of standards. When we are prohibited and we adhere to that prohibition we are passive. We must only NOT act on something to be ethical. We simply don't engage and show a level of self-control. We may see this example with a group of people harassing another person. If you do not engage in such behavior you have fulfilled your ethical requirements in that situation. While not acting is helpful it doesn't stop, thwart or change the behavior of others and is therefore passive and of a weaker form than the more aggressive active ethics. Active ethics can create risk and harm to those seek to thwart wrongdoing and therefore requires a le

Strong Negotiation Skills Lead to Organizational Health

Negotiation is part of life and becomes part of the very way in which we interact in the world. Whether we are negotiating for a raise, a new car, or even in relationships it is a strong skill to develop. According to a study published in the International Journal of Management there is a relationship between negotiation skills and organizational health (Jalilvand, 2015). Organizational health can be assessed through a seven interaction model. Institutional Level -Institutional Integrity: Integrity of design and programing. Administration Level -Managers Reach: The ability to influence others up, down, and laterally. -Considerate: Positive and friendly interactions -Inducing Culture: Task orientation with appropriate standards. -Resource Support: The organization has the resources needed to complete the work. Technical Level -Spirit: Employees have motivation and positive spirit towards work. -Scientific: A logical and scientific approach to issues. The study of 100 m

Fitness Routines that Integrate into the Workplace

It can be hard to keep up with your fitness routine when you work from an office and don't have time to go to the gym. Some people live extremely busy lives and between work and family the hours zoom bye. The last thing they have time to do is exercise. However, there is a way to work out and enhance your work enjoyment. Getting out of your chair every hour or so can do a lot for getting your blood moving. To put in a little workout for 5 to 10 minutes helps you improve your health. By the end of the work day you can have 30 to 60 minutes of good cardio exercise. The additional benefit is that you can opt to use up a few of your breaks and walk the stairs, jumping jacks, push ups, sit-ups and even use a single weight to complete biceps, triceps, and chest strength training. The additional advantage is that you learn to integrate fitness into your life and throughout your day. Like lots of other things it can be easier to take a few minutes out then take a lot of time out. Ten

When Freedom of Speech Doesn't Apply to Facebook

Facebook can be hazardous to your career. I met up with some friends and all the drama was buzzing about public complainer. Multiple people were talking about privately and replying to a person's highly cynical comments. The message stated was, "I am tired of working at this job and not making any money...its getting old!" Even the owner of the business chimed in by the end of the night adding to the overall drama. Social Media like Facebook and Snapchat are not free of risks. We can't simply post whatever we want, when we want it. There are social and financial consequences to freedom of speech. While we may be able to speak freely we are not free from the consequences of what we say. In the case of our workplace complainer, people are wondering if he will still have a job in a few weeks. The owner and him are likely to have some disagreements now that his true sentiments are stated publically. Only time will tell if he will still have his job. Freedom of speec

The Sound of Water and Nature's Rich Beauty

Hiking through the woods you will soon come across different rivers and pools. In the winter these can be particularly beautiful with ice crystal formation as the water solidifies. You will also notice an abundance of wild game tracks and the calming solitude of running water.  Part of the beauty of being in the woods is that you are connected back to your beginning in a real way. Some places in the world, like the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, you can see the world in much the same way it was 100s of years ago when settlers cut their farms from the thousands of acres of untapped land. 

The Power of Emotions for Ethics and Action

Feelings are a perception of the world and help us see the world in new ways. According to a theorist Jean Paul Sartre, an Existentialist, emotions are an attempt to change our perception of the world. Understanding our emotional nature also helps use understand how we perceive the world around us. Emotional Intelligence is the ability to recognize and use emotions to enhance our perception. When we are faced with a difficult situation our emotions kick in and adjust our perception of the problem. Emotions become part of a process of learning and create motivation to act on a particular problem. We may flea, fight, or begin to think about the issue until it is resolved.  We may not completely understand a situation until we experience and feel emotions in a way that allows our perspective to change and see new solutions to current problems. The same process can occur in business or in our personal lives if we are open to seeing the problem from a new perspective. It is al

Why We Share and Collaborate for Business Profit

As a human species we have learned that it is beneficial to share ideas and resources in order to get more of what we need out of life. Our survival rate increased and our lifestyle increased compared to our ancestors and this may be due in part to collaboration. Business also can improve their health through sharing and collaborating. Hedging resources can be a good thing when both companies can succeed together. If collaboration is in our blood as a species why don't all businesses collaborate? In many cases this occurs because these businesses compete with each other. Sharing information and resources can lead to advantages that may help one business over another. The other option is to collaborate on businesses that are not in the same markets. For example, a technology company and auto supplier can provide updated smart products that are more efficient than what is currently on the market. They are not natural competitors and can gain more then they lose. Two businesse

Federal Reserve Chairman Janet Yellen States Higher Education is Needed in Global Economy

Federal Reserve Chairman Janet Yellen states that higher education will increasingly be important in a global economy. As the world changes and the borders become more permeable and new skills will be needed to maintain a reasonable lifestyle. The changes are coming and education offers the hope of personal development that meets these global needs. The world is complex and will continue to change quickly. Human beings must continue to adapt and adjust to those changes or they will slowly decline in financial healthy. Higher education helps people be more adaptable to coming technology changes. Technology will continue to put pressure on worker skills.  “ While globalization will likely continue and technology will continue to advance, we don’t know how fast the economy will grow, what new technologies will be developed, or how quickly and consistently employment will expand ," she told graduating students at the University of Baltimore.  As workers we sometimes become letha

Holding Students Accountable for Learning

Student learning is one of the essential requirements of obtaining a degree. That learning starts with the personal standards the professor maintains. This requires day-in and day-out dedication to the needs of students and holding the line even when students grumble. At the end of the day the university wins and the students win. One thing professors dislike hearing is, "no other professor graded me down for this". Sometimes it may be true while at other times it may not be true. However, the total learning experience is the different grading requirements by different professors. It is the total educational experience that counts. Students who deal with different expectations also learn to be adaptable and adjust their learning process to the expectations of the professor. If the professor gives an easy A the students learn to do less work and expect more. Professors who maintain their standards do the students, the university and other professors a favor. The studen

Wetlands as a Place for Birds to Habitate

Birds flock toward habitats that offer lots of cover, food, water, and nesting areas. Birds also love to socialize so they desire having many places to sit near each other engage in their communal activities. Even in the cold of winter some of these birds hang around for the season when they can find what they need for survival. Wetlands offer adequate cover to protect them from the natural elements and predators. A source of water is also vitally important. During the hunting season wetlands offer excellent bird hunting areas. Because wetlands are rich with wildlife it is important to ensure they are not protected areas. Black-Capped Chickadee

Matching Customer Needs and Improving Sales

Customers are needy creatures that are willing to pay for those needs if the right items or services are available. When companies have better focus on meeting those needs they are able to increase sales and improve marketing performance. At the end of the day, performance is about discovering needs, fulfilling those needs and converting those needs into sales. One of the first things to assessing customer needs is understanding your core customer demographics. Once you have a grasp of your customer's spending habits, income, location, and interests you can find those products generate significant market appeal. Beyond finding marketing driven products you will need to poll and question your customers to determine which specific features, brands, services and products appeal to them the most. Obtaining your general customer demographics and specific needs will help you develop offerings that serve those needs. Finding your customer needs is one thing but getting them to make

Revitalizing Small Farms

Small farms were once the backbone of the country from the first day settlers got off the boat. These small farms started with almost nothing.  Families cut out new land, built houses, and created a life where many would have perished. Life wasn't always easy but the did create a culture of individualism and self-reliance. Changes in work situations may allow younger generations to move back to farming as an occupation. Today's online employment opportunities offers chances for younger people to start their own farms and still keep their jobs. This is an amazing advancement that could be used to repopulate small towns and rural countryside. The problem with many of these areas is that people can't' find good paying jobs, don't have the capital to start farms, and have few options. Younger people are forced off of their family land and then into larger cities where the lifestyle changes. To keep people on their farms and starting new farms means giving them e

Keeping Up with Your Yoga Routine

When your busy and working a lot you will naturally lose track of time and shift around your daily agenda. Naturally we start putting our fitness and health routines to the side for more pressing "to do" issues. The problem is that these "to do" items will be never ending and they will never truly be done Set aside a time each day and keep up with your yoga practice. Good health is built on daily choices that add up over time. We fall into the rut of putting aside those things that don't have immediate consequence for us and we may find that these problems arise over time. All is going well and one day we have an heart-attack, stroke or other medical issue that damages our life in some way.. Thinking ahead is helpful because it allows you to avoid those issues in the long-run while still improving lifestyle now. Set aside some time each day and complete your yoga routine. It doesn't matter if it is morning, middle of the day or night. Get started and y

Downhill Skiing and the Power of Fresh Powdered Snow

Downhill skiing isn't for the faint of heart and requires a little practice to master. Some of us have grown up on ski hills while others learned over time. Whether you enjoy downhill skiing or snowboarding you gain a new level of respect for outdoor sports and the accommodations of a warm lodge. Local ski hills attract locals and tourists and provide a good opportunity for outdoor recreation. I grew up on a ski hill and enjoyed the beauty of taking off from my father's yard into the side of the hill. It wasn't a big hill but it provided lots of childhood fun. At one point I considered getting on a team and skiing competitively. Never happened, but I have always enjoyed the sport and the life around skiing. This morning I took off to Pine Mountain Resort for the $12 all you can eat buffet and the fresh blizzard snow. Puffy white powder is what you want before it is packed by the rush of skiers and snowboarders who create slick spots. In this case I was within the firs

Following Up for Business Reputation

Businesses often succeed and fail based on their market reputation. When that reputation is strong the business will continue growing on word-of-mouth marketing, strong brand image and repeat customers. However, when its reputation is poor it looses customer and fails to gain new ones as competitors brand image wins out. Once I hired a contractor that nearly finished the job and was paid appropriately. He said he would drop off the elbows to the downspouts on a building in a few days. He didn't show up. Thinking he forgot, I inquired again and he apologized. Again he didn't show up! After a three more tries I gave up. Darn contractors!!!! What impression did the contractor give me? I had more work for him to do but now he will likely never see that additional work because he gave the impression he is not trustworthy. If he cannot spend the few minutes to drop off a couple of pieces worth a whopping $40 out of the $700 I paid him then he cannot be trusted to do more expe

The Rugged Cold-Hiking in the Tundra

Ok maybe its not really the "tundra" where tree growth is hindered but you can get the feeling when it is 2 degrees with a -20 windchill factor. Whether you engage in hunting, hiking, photography or just like to be out in nature realize there are places in this world that are relatively untouched by human hands. You get that eerie feeling when your cell phone no longer works, you haven't seen cottages in a long while and no more cars pass you on the snow covered road. Out there is there is a truth to life. A place we all began in the nature. Not a soul around and the only sounds are the trees cracking in the wind or that of a wood pecker or other creature of the forest. Your breath pushes puffs steam and your mustache accumulates ice. No matter how many layers of deep cold gloves you wear your fingers are still cold. Despite its downside and the nipping air you can also feel as though you can clear your mind and enjoy just the state of being in nature. If you are a

Making it Through Chaotic Times-One Step at a Time

We all run into those times when we have so much to do, so many different things going on, that we have to adjust our normal patterns to get the things done. Before you get too excited it is beneficial to stop for a moment and get your bearings by putting things in perspective. After that, you can move forward by putting one foot in front of the other. Much of our life is subjective and what we feel is important today may not be important a few months or years from now. Therefore, it is beneficial to evaluate what is truly important now and then prioritize that work. When you prioritize the work you will find that much of the lesser important things will not matter and they will put put in proper perspective and not clutter your mind. Once you have your bearings then you can move toward figuring out how you will get those critical things done that are necessary. You may wish to combine projects, ask others for help, or pay someone to help you do some of the work. Putting together a

Should Business Take a Specialized or Diverse Approach to the Market

Businesses have opportunities to provide a narrow range of products  through specialization or to offer a broader range of products through diversity. Sometimes it can be difficult to understand when it is beneficial for them to take one approach over the other. This can be determined by current revenue as well as the market itself. If the market is saturated and future growth of sales is likely to be limited then it makes more sense to diversify your offerings into more lucrative markets. The business will need to explore these new options or they will slowly be squeezed by competition into a declining market. The other option is to diversify and do something better than anyone else. This should occur if your business is too small to be all to everyone or if you are a large business offering something unique. For example, a patented product might lead to similar patented products that are unique and have market appeal. It isn't always easy to know when to diversify and when

Cost of Business Transactions

Cost of transactions internally and externally have a determined impact on corporate profits through lowering general internal and external operating costs. When organizations improve upon their internal transactions by updating of processes and procedures, as well as the technology they use to conduct such transactions, they can improve overall performance. It is important to consider the benefits of internal transactions cost and external cluster costs when encouraging business growth. All activities within an organization have transaction costs. Whether these are phone calls, emails, documents, movement of information, energy transfers, product movement, etc... it makes no difference. Each of these transactions can cost the company money and slow their productivity. A common internal infrastructure improvement that lowers transaction costs and improves upon internal activity is IT systems. A large amount of money has been poured into this approach over the past few decades wit

Justify Your Numbers When Creating Budgets

Budgets are not something to be created in jest or in the last minute. Sketchy numbers and quick fix cramming is not the way to go when it comes to putting forward a financial plan. I have seen managers fail to justify their budgets and this leads to embarrassment and/or lay offs. Start your budgeting project early and come up with itemized numbers that can be supported. I once worked with someone in training and they asked me how they could justify their department. My answer was they would have to show how they are contributing value and that their budget was justified in order to continue to bring that value. The person was not well schooled in common business practices and wasn't able to use metrics to support the value of her department and wasn't able to justify her budget. At the end of the day, she and her employees were laid off to allocate resources to other pressing areas. Likewise, I have seen managers put forward budgets with sketchy numbers that are not supp

Reaching Beyond the Stars

There are a few individuals in the world that do much more than accumulate money and wealth. They reach beyond the stars to enact a vision. They are characters that are driving beyond something related to self-gain and into personal challenges. They seek to create a better world and develop something few other people dared to do. I've always been impressed by people who have climbed Mount Everest, discovered new plant species in the Rain Forest, or explored the North Pole in wooden boats. They are people who have a drive beyond what most of us would ever experience. Many people give up at the first sign of difficulty and hardship. Instead, visionaries go forward and break new ground despite all odds. They are will creators that are more stubborn than the world around them. They engross themselves in their pursuits and live, eat, breath, and dream about their passions. They become obsessed to the point that it is nearly all consuming. Their practice moves them to a level of pe

Get SMART with Your Goals

Attaining of goals is a defined process that helps to increase outcomes. It isn't about shooting in the dark in hopes of blindly tripping over your goals. A little planning can go a long way in fostering positive outcomes. The SMART goal setting technique can help you define what you want to do and in the time frame you want. Specific: Be specific and write down exactly what you want. Don't be too broad. Measurable : Your goals should be measurable. Attainable: Your goals should be reasonable and realistic. Time Bound: Make sure that you have a specific time-frame to complete your goals or they will go on forever and not be achieved.

Everyone Should Appreciate the National Forests

As a business lover and nature lover I find that protecting our natural resources is important for our survival as a species. We spend a good amount of the country's early days conquering nature and now we must move on to living in harmony with nature. Protecting national forests for recreation and our species health is important. If you ever walked in the forest after a snow storm, or live in a rural area, you are likely more connected to nature than many city dwellers. It becomes a part of your life and who you are. If you enjoy it then you may spend a considerable time in nature oriented activities and reaping its many benefits. I encourage everyone to spend a little time in nature to appreciate it.

Study Says People Dying Younger-Maintain Your Health Routine

Life expectancy in the U.S. declined over the past year and people are now dying younger than over a decade ago. According to a study by the federal Centers for Dise ase Control and Prevention  the biggest increases are related to drug overdoses, car crashes, and gun shots but most revolve around health related issues.  The study helps us highlight the importance of staying healthy and fit. We have only one life to live but our health is a series of small decisions that relate to our health. The study highlighted that heart disease, injury, respiratory, stroke, diabetes,  suicide, and Alzheimer's are some of the main causes of death. While some of this is genetic, is also related to lifestyle choice. Each day we make many choices that lead to our health or illness. The obvious big ones are smoking and heavy drugs. However, there are many small choices such as exercise and eating. For most of us is the later that eventually leads to illness. Eating is based on habit and cultur

Building a Reputation of Quality

There is at least one thing the U.S. did well and that was build cars. We can learn from our past dominance, decline, and reemergence. Almost all cars once came from the U.S. until our quality and innovation suffered. We are coming back as a nation in manufacturing abilities but it is important to remember the values of quality and how that can influence long-term sales performance. When given an option people are willing to spend a little more on a product that has higher quality than one that doesn't. Of course that is dependent on the purpose and use of the product. While someone wouldn't spend much on a screwdriver they are going to use once they will spend more on one they plan on using for a long-time. "Big ticket" items like cars, appliances, and houses should be of high quality because they can last many years. These "big ticket" items have price flexibility and can work quality in their value proposition. However, when items continually adapt

Fostering Performance Based or Developmental Based Training Programs

Developing the workforce takes time and effort matched with strong planning. Plans are crafted in a way that help strengthen the overall business model and ensure that qualified workers are available to fill needed skill sets. As the labor market continues to change and adjust it becomes even more important to ensure that training programs are effective in their expected outcomes. Taking the performance based or developmental based approach to training will determine the the results. Performance based approaches seek short-term return on training dollars spent in an effort to spark greater applied skills. The strategy is effective for justifying budgets and calculating returns. It is also beneficial for finding immediate actions that lead to improve performance in the short-run. The only problem with the approach is that the skills are specific and limited in their ability to transfer to other activities. Learning the use of a new tool leads to greater specific performance but does

Create Your Own World of Happiness

Much of our world is subjective by nature and our thoughts lead to actions and outcomes that have a significant impact on our personal level of happiness. One could theoretically argue that happiness is truly based in our thoughts and for the most part is not dependent on money or circumstance. Others might take issue with this idea but if we think of how interpretation creates our own realities then we might be surprised by their outcome. Consider an event that could potentially be seen as negative such as a difficult project or a personal set back. While these events do produce short-term stress much of it is based on how we view and interpret these issues. That stress can quickly reside if we understand the situation completely. Thoughts such as "this sucks I can't do this" or "there isn't enough time and I'm going to fail" will produce more stress and in turn lower your happiness level. On the other hand, thoughts such as, "this frustration

Avoiding Creating Your Own Work Chaos

It can be hard to get out of your own way but when we don't we often find we create our own chaos. This leads to confusion, sloppy work, and much more stress than is necessary to complete the work. There are a few tips one should consider when trying to avoid chaos. They include: 1. Schedule things in advance. 2. Spend some time thinking about things before you do them. 3. Allow others the freedom to do the work they need to. 4. Slow down and enjoy your work. 5. Don't avoid all the details and skip necessary steps. 6. Have strong communication with others and make sure you give them accurate information. 7. Don't blame others for asking questions or confusing sloppy instructions. 8. Learn to breathe and slow down your mind.

The Power of Persistence

Persistence is the stubborn diligence of completing some goal despite almost all resistance or difficulty. Where some people give up right away when things get difficult while others continue to move forward despite the problems they face. Most people who achieved great success have experience difficulty in one way or another. Life is about setting goals and working on those goals to make meaning. We should try and balance our lives out so that we can enjoy each day to its maximum but at the same point we should have some life work we an claim as our own. People who succeed find importance in their goals. They don't give up and they don't let small problems get in their way. They continue to push forward despite the problems they face. Persistence is a type of stubbornness that defies adversity. It is not ignorance of risk or an inability to chance strategy but it is the constant seeking and working toward a goal of worthwhile effort and finding new ways to achieve that g

Study Says Intelligent People Spend Time Alone

A study conducted by Singapore Management System and London School of Economics and Political Science explores the " Savannah Theory " that smart people like to spend more time alone than others. The Savannah Theory, also known as  evolutionary legacy hypothesis, indicates that much of our adaptation occurred in rural environments and we respond and adapt much like our ancestors did in places like the Savannah.  We are designed to live in groups of around 150 people. When we get into a larger group such as a city we don't feel comfortable and we may feel a little antsy. When groups move above 150 they begin to split and create more groups that are easier to manage. Our social networks seem to follow that pattern as well where our preference for active engagement is for 150 people or less.  The study indicates that highly intelligent people like to spend time alone. The study doesn't affirmatively say that people who like to spend time with others are less intelli

Set Your Goals Each Morning for Success

Each morning offers an opportunity to reassess your activities for each day that leads to life success. Goal achievement is about persistence and making the necessary steps to compete each day to move closer to your goals. Sitting down in the mornings with your cup of coffee is one of the best  times to figure out the most critical things to ad to your "to do" list. A few tips : -Focus on what is necessary for the day. -Prioritize your activities. -Find a time for your critical activities. -Move non-critical activities to others when possible. -Be realistic about what you can and can't accomplish. -Make sure your activities fit with your larger goals. -Build in some down time so you can enjoy your life. -Give yourself plenty of time.

2017 International Conference on Hospitality, Leisure, Sports, and Tourism-Summer Session (HLST-Summer 2017)

Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan  August 23-25th, 2017 summer/ 2017 International Conference on Hospitality, Leisure, Sports, and Tourism - Summer Session (HLST-Summer 2017) is to be held in Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan, on  August 23-25th, 2017 . The aim of this conference is to provide a platform which focuses on important topics of Hospitality, Leisure, Sports, and Tourism. Since more than 20 different countries are typically represented, presenting at this conference is a great way to get feedback from researchers with different perspectives. Detailed information about the conference can be found on the conference website ( hlst-summer/ ). We sincerely invite your participation for this important academic event. Please submit full paper or abstract by April 15, 2017 . All submissions will be subject to a double-blind review process. All accepted manuscripts will be published in the conference proceedings, under an ISSN reference, on CD-

Is it Possible to Save the Environment while Enhancing Business?

People sometimes believe that protecting the environment and enhancing business are separate activities but they are interrelated. Business relies heavily on natural resources and protecting those resources. Whether we are discussing tourism, medical care, farming, logging, or even mining our natural resources are part of our lives and should be a concern of the business community. Politically they also seems to be on two different worlds but both are seeking the very same things. While one is looking for profit the other is looking for quality of life through the protection of the environment. Quality of life leads to greater productivity and output as workers and business understand that we are limited and products of our environment. In some cases protecting the environment means we must raise costs on business and this could have an impact on jobs. At other times, they work together because the need to protect the environment forces businesses to adapt and become cleaner. Pu

Christmas on Small Town Main Street

Small town main streets are more than places to shop but also where Christmas cheer abounds and people get together to meet their community members. During these times children line the street and learn about their community, watch the bright lights and catch candy with the skill of a professional baseball player. Each parade is unique and part of the culture of that town. For example, I just attended a small town parade that brought most of the town together in one act of holiday spirit. The adults picked their favorite beverage, coffee or brew, and the kids ran around playing and having fun. Such events do more than simply bring people down town but also expose them to the stores in the area. Parades are great advertisements, and attractions that keep activities centered around the city shopping districts. Each float is sponsored by a business and part of the community. Contributing to the town and advertising go hand in hand. It shows that businesses care about people and

Enjoying Your Work Leads to Greater Peace and Prosperity

Enjoying your work leads to greater peace and prosperity. Not many of us have the opportunity to truly enjoy our work and continue on each day reaching new goals and meeting objectives in a way that fulfills our needs. When one enjoys their work they soon find themselves accomplishing their goals while finding a level of personal fulfillment. We only have one life so if we are doing work we don't enjoy or don't help us feel as though we are having a meaningful life then we are limiting our possibilities. When your enjoying your work the time flies and you don't feel as though you are doing work at all. Instead, you are engaging in an activity you feel good about and you are present in the moment. An extra bounce in your step, more motivation, and greater levels of achievement can be discovered through the way they feel. Many of us have to do what we have to do. We started a career when we went to college and then stuck with that career. Some bounce from career to ca

When Should a Business Owner Seek Outside Help?

Business is tough with hundreds of different avenues and choices but limited resources of time and money to get the necessary things they need done. As the work piles up, business owners often get dragged into a world of endless choices and possibilities that could make them ineffective. At this point, it is beneficial to seek outside help to find a focal point for their energies and resources to earn the highest Return on Investment.  Business owners are often the expert and it can be tough to ask someone for help to evaluate all of the different different avenues and decisions. For some, this could be a big ego buste r as nobody knows the business as well as they do. Because mistakes can be costly it is beneficial to seek an outside perspective and advice to help evaluate possible strategic choices in an impartial way (Plenda, 2016).  One of the important ways in which consultants can help is through processing and capitalizing on the owner's previous experience and then h