Sunday, November 27, 2016

Supporting Homegrown Brands-Buying American and Buyng Local

Supporting local communities means supporting products and jobs through purchasing power. Local economies offer something that world economy can't-a sense of identity. The greatest form of home branding is when people associate that brand with themselves in a way that perpetuates the local identity. Each choice to purchase a native product raises the strength of the local economy.

Like local products, people feel enthusiastic about religion, sports, and politics because of the feelings and memories attached to them. These feelings and images create a deep connection because it is associated with who we are. When we brand a local economy we can also create a greater sense of community identity that fosters sales.

Buying local means buying into a people's identity. You know instinctively you are fostering positive impressions of your personal image but also the needs of your community. Each dollar spent locally helps to support your community and its sense of self.

Of course who could argue against the benefits of spending money in the local economy in a way that leads to to an increase in local wealth and jobs. Each dollar earned and spent in the community goes for schools, houses, programs and public works. That money improves community standards of living.

Creating a local identity helps to develop higher levels of economic growth by allowing the products/services to raise their value on the open market. Brands create perceptions that lead to higher sales and local growth. As those brands sell they raise local economic prosperity. Supporting homegrown brands means buying American and buying local.

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