Thursday, November 24, 2016

Marketing Your Small Business

Marketing a small business can be tricky when you don't have a marketing department or a person to guide you through the process. Small business and large businesses share some similarities but ultimately revolve around scale and market. Large businesses must reach a larger audience in order to keep their operations going while small businesses must reach the "right" audience.

Small business will use different tools such as their local newspaper, door-to-door, passing out cards, social media (i.e. Facebook), and window advertising.

Much of the success of a small business, depending on the nature of that business, will rely on social connections.

Being involved in your local community and attending the business events will help in familiarizing people with your product/services.

The key point about advertising is that it is exposure of your core value. Wherever that is possible and whenever that can happen is important. For small businesses without much of a budget much of it will rely on their capacity to make an impact without much cost.

The success of a small business doesn't only rest on an initial sale but making sure that the sales continue over and over. In a small community this is more possible but it requires positive customer and personalized experience that larger businesses will have a hard time recreating.

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