Tuesday, November 29, 2016

How Our Environment Impacts our Lives?

We live in an environment and that environment defines us as a person. What we know about the world and what we think about the world is often understood in terms of that environment. Those who live in the Northern cold will think differently than those who live in the warm South. It is important to ensure that our environment includes some open and green space to connect back to nature.

Environment can be lush and green, hot and dry, rainy and seasonal, or even concrete and noisy. Those who have access to clean environments that are connected to nature have lower stress levels than those who live in congested, dirty, or noisy environments.

As children our environment influences how we see the world. We adapt to our environment in order to survive and learn about our environment. This adaptation is often deeply rooted into our subconscious.

I believe its important for all different types of environments to offer access to parks, green spaces, and areas that are quiet and designed for relation. As a species our natural environment was designed to live with nature.

City planners and government officials should consider the benefits of designing eco-friendly cities that contribute to the mental health and well being of their citizens by supporting greening initiatives. As the environment improves so does the quality of living and overall value of properties in the city as people find them more habitable.

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