Thursday, September 1, 2016

The Benefits of Running in the Morning

The mornings are free from traffic, clean air, cool, and have that mist slowly creeping on the horizon. Your eyes might still be crusty from waking up and your face looks like something from The Living Dead but you do have your running shoes on and are heading out the door. With diligence and focus on your goals you your foot rubber hits the road and keeps on going.

Running in the morning can increase your metabolism for the rest of the day. Your body will burn more calories because it believes it will need it for the high physical activities.

You may also notice you are more aware after a work out. As people drag themselves into the office you will be wide eyed and bushy tailed.

Working out also improves your mood. It releases endorphin and other benefits that lead to happy feelings. It is a good idea to start your day with a mental pick me up.

Running in the morning will also help you with consistency. As it becomes part of your routine it will be easier to maintain than the busy evenings.

I moved from 40 to 50 and 60 minute jog in the morning. You don't have to do that much. Just complete 30 minutes and you will be fine. My next goal is to increase speed and not time. I may even consider reducing time and picking up the pace to receive a higher cardio benefit.

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