Friday, September 2, 2016

Study Says Strong Relationships with Customers Leads to Repeat Online Sales

Satisfied customers buy again, again, and again! A study in Management found that that this is true with online repeat purchases strongly driven by customer satisfaction. This satisfaction was driven by factors such as personalization, and ease of communication (Mpinganjira, 2014). It is difficulty to differentiate in the online world were customers can easily bounce to other sites. Yet the relationships you build with your customers will last a long time and could be a differentiating factor.

The study does highlight how we are in a competitive world and products can look relatively similar to customers. There is no great sense of loyalty. It leaves customers service, language, interaction, and behavior as a deciding factor as to whether the customer will return to your business in the future.

Consider that each of us loves to be treat with respect and have our answers handled promptly. Some websites are actually designed to turn customers away by not having phone numbers, emails, and contact forms. Make your customers feel valuable like you yourself would like.

Personalized responses to people are also important as each customer is a unique and valuable person. They don't want to be hoarded. They want to see their name in the email, letters, and phone calls.

You may also want to rewrite your site to use positive and encouraging language that not only encourages a purchase but also allows the customer to feel "connected" . Use pictures of staff, personal comments, and a little happiness.  Let them see that you are real people out there who care about them.

Mpinganjira, M. (2014). Understanding Online Repeat Purchase Intentions: A Relationship Marketing Perspective. Management, 19 (2).

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