Thursday, August 18, 2016

Wine Review of Menghini Merlot

Ruby red, fruity aroma with a hint of cherry and a semi-dry taste are some of the words that describes Menghini's Merlot. The first thing you will notice about the wine is that it is smooth. It has almost no aftertaste and doesn't seem to be either too dry or wet. I would characterize it as a little more wet than dry.

Smooth typically means the wine doesn't have high tannins or acidity. The first thing we noticed was its mildness making it a solid table wine that will appeal to most palates.

This can occur for many reasons. Age will often make a wine taste more smooth while using smaller barrels in the curing process can also help. 

Menghini Winery is relatively small and produces around 4,000 cases a year just outside of Julian California. They have a tasting room and events like crush the grapes dances and more. You might want to check out their site below.

1150 Julian Orchards Dr
Julian, CA 92036

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