Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Use the Mornings to Get Prepared for the Work Day

The mornings are one of the best times to get prepared for the day. Your mind is clear, you have the smell of coffee in the air, and you are  not yet distracted.  Spend a moment thinking about your personal goals and the tasks you have to accomplish for the day. 

Do you get a sense that not all of your tasks are related to your goals?

If this is the case consider getting rid of some of those tasks unless they help you get through the day, accomplish your goals, or pay your bills. You will find that a large percentage, perhaps most of your tasks, have little benefit for you. 

We are creatures of habit. Many of the things we do are not necessary but habits we either learned over time or habits we picked up to accomplish some task but are no longer relevant. Many of them we can let go. 

Consider a habit of going to the grocery story after work everyday. Is it possible to combine them do it once every other day, once a week, or have someone else do them? If so you can simplify your life. 

There is a benefit to analyzing what needs to be done, writing them them down, getting rid of those that are not helpful and combining those that are maintenance oriented. 

The mornings offer you an opportunity to sit before your brain gets clogged and think about what you want and try and align your life around those things. Be introverted for a moment and reflect on your life. 

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