Friday, August 12, 2016

The Upper Body Workout of Kayaking

Kayaking gets you out enjoying the water and helps you increase upper body strength. If you are an outdoor enthusiast and like to stay in shape kayaking is one activity that crosses over a different personal and fitness bounds. It won'd seem like your working out at all.

In places like San Diego you can rent a kayak for cheap or buy one for a few hundred dollars. If you search online there are often used ones for sale.

A couple of times a week and your upper body will start to change. Your arms, chest and shoulders are used for paddling while the stomach and back core are used for stabilization. It provides a solid work for the triceps and biceps. Your hands and forearms will also be involved in the process providing for a unique exercise.

Sports like kayaking are also useful in the sense that you can kayak to destinations of interest. For example, I have kayaked across Mission Bay to Mission Beach to frequent the coffee shops and stores. Did a few errands and got some work done all while exercising. The total kayaking time is 40 minutes there and 40 minutes back.

The advantage of incorporating outdoor activities like kayaking in your workout is that it is a natural exercises that doesn't seem like your working at all. You are simply enjoying life while staying in shape. It will provide the benefits of being outdoors with healthy mind and body.

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