Thursday, August 18, 2016

The Sailor Personality and Lifestyle

Sailing is a sport that can easily turn into a lifestyle. People are drawn to sailing for many reasons and certain types of personalities flourish. The is part of the extreme sports family allowing true personalty types to come out and show their resilience.

If you are an leisure sailor, traverse the world in solitude, or compete in races you are attracted by the ocean and the ability to glide along water in the way our ancestors did. As a communal or solidarity sport it provides opportunities to look out at new horizons and engage in charted activities.

According to Sport England there are certain types of personalities that are attracted to sailing.

The Explorer-attracted by the natural world and driven by emotions and learning.

The Challenger- battles nature and pushes for goal achievement and mastery.

Outdoor Fitness- likes to workout outdoors and uses sports as fitness and recreation.

The Tribal Member- seeks to compete in groups and develop a sense of community.

The Learning- uses sailing as a method of learning.

The Freestyler- lifestyle enthusiasts who enjoy the prestige of sailing.

The Thrill- seek to get the adrenaline pumping and take risks.

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